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    We have seen some great weather in Ireland lately and certainly hope that we will see more over the coming summer months. Whether you are enjoying the sunshine in this country or abroad it is important to be sun smart. This applies to all members of the family but especially babies and children whose delicate skins are most at risk from the damaging effects of the sun’s harmful rays. The following tips will help you achieve this:-

    Avoid having children in the sun between 11am and 3pm when the sun’s rays are strongest

    When outside, children should be shaded as much as possible

    Try to dress your children in light loose clothes that cover as much skin as possible

    Apply adequate sun cream on all exposed areas. This should have a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 or higher and a good UVA rating (often indicated by a number of stars). This should be applied regularly e.g. every 2-3 hours and after swimming. Try to use a sunscreen especially suitable for children/babies if possible

    Make sure your child wears a sun hat and/or use a parasol with your baby’s buggy. Small babies should be kept out of direct sun at all times.

    Remember that no tan is a safe tan and that tanning your skin will not prevent it from burning in the future.

    Sunburn can be very painful but also can cause a great deal of damage to the skin leaving it more susceptible to the development of skin cancer in later life. It is therefore very important that you avoid getting burnt. If sunburn occurs the following tips may help:-

    As with any type of burn it will help to cool the skin. This can be done by taking a cool (not freezing cold) bath or shower

    If no blisters form then applying a water based aftersun will help soothe the skin. Avoid any creams or ointments on blistered skin unless on medical advice. Don’t be tempted to burst blisters, if they open just gently clean the area with water and keep clean

    Always get advice whereburns are severe, widespread or involve young children, babies or the elderly

    Finally, remember to drink plenty of water and/or rehydration drinks, alcohol and caffeine drinks should be avoided


    PLUS Hickeys Pharmacy have a Sunsmart policy (in association with the Irish Cancer Society) not to stock suncream with less than Factor 15.

    You might be interested to note that for every La Roche Posay suncream purchase, €1 is donated to the Irish Cancer Society. For even more useful information on being sunsmart, LRP/Vichy have a dedicated website wit lots of useful information on Staying Safe in the Sun

    Top Tips!!!
    Hickeys Pharmacy have plenty of offers on Summer Essentials including Suncream, Travel Size Toiletries and that all important First Aid Kit!


    What about small babies? We are due in a few weeks and I had heard that its best to keep babies in the shade and not use any suncream unless necessary.

    What do you advise?



    Just about the hours to avoid in the sun it’s 11 to 3 here. But if you go abroad the clocks can be ahead, so in France it will be 12 til 4pm.

    Once I heard a dermatologist on TV specialised in skin cancer. She was saying, as kids can’t often read time, the best is to avoid sun when the shadow is shorter than the kid.

    We did that last year, draw a circle with a spot in the middle with chalk, and the radius was the lenghof kids. They use for fun to go in the middle to check their shadow and they knew if it was the time to go on the beach after cream been reapplied.
    You can also draw the circle in the sand.

    Great to see skincare advice.


    Hi Fabienne,

    11am to 3pm is a general rule of thumb or whenever the sun is ‘high in the sky’ . Great idea about using the circle and shadow, I’m sure the kids get great fun out of it.

    Hi Sabbi,

    As I mentioned in the previous post, young babies should be kept out of direct sunlight at all times. In saying this, it is not always possible to keep your little one shaded 100% of the time. It is therefore recommended that you cover your baby with loose light clothing and use a sunscreen only on the exposed areas of skin e.g. face and hands.

    Hope that helps!


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