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    Hi guys,

    Since we are having great weather don’t forget to lash on the suncream and make sure its in the school bags with your child’s name on it.

    Creches are not allowed to provide suncream as some children have allergies and might take a reaction to certain brands.

    So make sure to protect your child and their beautiful skin.

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    i sent in some to the dds creche last year cause burns like me they did not mind they put her name on the bottle so it was handy 😀


    Yeah, mine have a bottle each for the creche. I have them their names on them too.

    Btw, did you read that article about sunscrean blocking the vitamin d rays?

    Seemingly we have gone a bit ott on the sun protection & caused another problem – vitamin D deficency in children.

    I didnt actually know that the sun protection blocked the vitamin D till i read the article.

    Since reading it, i now let my ds run around the garden for about 15 minutes before i put on the cream, i use to be lashing it on constantly but have eased up a little. Just have to have a happy medium but be sure that they dont get burnt.


    You’re supposed to apply sun cream 15 min BEFORE going to the sun as it takes that time to act in a way.
    Did not know about vit D, then it would not be better to let kids without suncream at the end of the day, so just no reapply suncream after 4pm, when sun is still out but less dangerous.

    One day I heard advise from a dermatologist saying, that if the shadow of the child is shorter than thechild, he/she should not be out in the sun, during those hours when the sun is too dangerous.

    Got lots of suncream when I was a child, but when it was down to me to apply it (teenager and later), I did not as I get tan easily (without sunburn) and did not care.
    Now I’m nearly 40 and allergic to the sun, I need suncream otherwise get a rash in about 20 min. It takes my skin much longer to get a tan and not an even one. And I really need suncream.
    Yes vit D defiencency is a problem but the sun also is.
    It’s like everything in life, need to find the right balance.



    I put suncream on my ds but dont put any in his bag, they only have 30min out in yard and its part in shade… i think we can be a bit neurotic about suncreams
    If you put on before school, would that not be enought to prevent sunburn in the yard at their playtime?


    hey guys

    The HSE are always having to implement new regulations and so forth.
    On a visit we had last yr we were told that if a child gets a bad sunburn its a form of neglect…therefore we must make sure children have suncream on before they go outside…
    its a different story what parents do at home but from a creche point of view its just better all round to be on the safe side….
    I personally did know about the vitimin d and i agree with fabienne that itsprobably best to leave off the last application when the sun is almost gone…fabienne you poor thing allergic to the sun…thats awful.

    but at the end of the day its important to protect your little ones…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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