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    The Sumemr Reading Challenge – Team Read

    Team Read is the name for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.
    The aim is to get children to read six books from the library over the summer holidays. Children are given a membership card to keep track of the books they read on a special fold-out poster, collecting some fun stickers along the way.

    There are three stages to the challenge this year: read two books and readers get a bronze medal sticker, read two more and you can claim a silver medal sticker, and read two more (i.e. six in total) and you can get your gold!

    It is hoped that Team Read will encourage children to share ideas with each other about books to read and introduce new authors. There will be a diary kept in the "children’s library" encouraging all children to write their comments and thoughts on the books they have read during the summer months.

    What’s The Story??

    The summer story time sessions kick off on Wednesday 09th July at 3.30pm. With lots of stories and fun and don’t forget to bring your favourite cuddly toy.

    Are you a Budding Artist???

    Children’s Book Festival/Youth Libraries Group – Design a Festival T-Shirt Competition 2008.

    Collect your entry form at Drogheda Library. The theme for the T-Shirt is to design a ‘Fantasy Character’. Closing date for entries is Tuesday 05th August 2008.

    For further details on all events posted please contact Drogheda Library on 041 9836649. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    With all this rain about at the moment the library is the best place in town to chill out. See you there!!!!!

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