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    Summer holidays are fast approaching and I am looking for a couple of summer camps for my DS. He is in Jnr Infants (age 5) so he is too young to attend the GAA or Soccer Camps. As I am a full-time worker I would love him to attend a camp for a week in July and a week in August.
    Does anyone know of any running in the following areas :
    Dunleer, Monasterboice, Collon, Tullyallen, Clogherhead.

    thanks in advance!


    Hi Ruthie
    Thiking of sending my 4.5 yr old to camp in drogheda leisure centre for a week in August – they are e75 a week for 10-2 and kids go to astrotots, bowling, bouncy castle, bowling etc. Not very much on offer for the younger age group but open to correction. HTH


    Thanks Maisy!
    I actually sent him there last summer for one week……well supposed to be one week but he only lasted 3 days.
    He was actually bullied for money by older boys. The camp itself is excellent and I love the range of activites but this incident has put me off the place.
    They allow children to pay as you go, so on Day 2 of the camp older boys came into his group and they cornered him for money. I knew something was wrong on Day 3 when he was in tears that morning and told me he didnt want to go. Eventually I got it out of him. The poor child, I felt awful having sent him there. His friend told his mother the same story so we knew it certainly wasn’t made up.
    These "older boys" didnt arrive on Day 3 so I guess they got off the hook.

    So as much as I love what the camp offers, I’m afraid I don’t trust my child is well looked after there. When my complaint was made, they asked other children in the group had any incidents occured and a few had similar stories.

    Don’t want to put anyone else off though but this has been my experience.


    tus maith in collon normally run a fab summer camp my dd loves it


    Hi Ladies,

    I run THE LITTLE COTTAGE , Pre-school and full day care centre in Togher, co. Louth and am putting on one week summer camp full of fun and arts and crafts , very well monitored group and plenty to enjoy for children with lots of outdoors fun too !!! you can contact me on the following number: 087 690 2083

    thanks, look forward to talking to you


    Hi Ruthie
    Havent been on here in ages and just noticed your post re the summer camp in drogheda leisure centre. Thanks so much for letting me know, as there is no way I will send him there now.

    So back to square one. Need to camp that is properly supervised.

    The Lets’s Go camp (there is one in Dunleer) looks great for ages over 5, so this might suit you. Unfortunately my Ds is only 4


    Hi not sure where you are living but Wheaton Montessori Academy in Wheaton hall are running a summer camp and have junior infant children enroled. Call 9848288 for more info.


    thanks for the post about "lets go" summer camp in Dunleer.
    I have checked their website and its perfect for my DS.
    I never heard of this before and it suits my location.
    many many thanks.

    I don’t want to put you off Drogheda leisure park. I am raging I won’t be sending my DS this summer but my DH refuses to allow him to go after the incident last year.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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