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    I heard a doctor (pompous and self important!) on radio today saying they will not be fooled by women who ‘claim to be suicidal’ in to allowing them have an abortion.

    He said that women who are ‘pretending’ will not be able to con them.

    Who are these doctors who think they know everything? They sound arrogant and I would hate to be sat in front of them for any reason at any stage of my life.

    If a woman has to sit before them and they think she is trying to fool them and they turn her down – that kind of rejection could make an already suicidal woman more unhinged.

    If a woman is so desperate that she goes to all the trouble of trying to have an abortion – is she not troubled enough to need one?

    For us on our second miscarriage, I had to wait over 2 weeks in between appointments to see if our baby would grow or if he/she had any chance. I wanted a D&C after those 2 weeks and they sent me home and I remember feeling desperate andin agonizing turmoil about what was happening. I wanted my baby to live but had been told there was no chance at all so I was left to wait for things to happen naturally which they did not. In the end, almost 3 weeks later, I got a D&C and it was a very traumatic experience overall.

    I cannot imagine many women will make a decision to have a pregnancy terminated easily – I worry about the people making this legislation that they do not understand what they are doing.

    Its a horrible issue and I don’t think they are thinking from the perspective of the women who it will affect. :(

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