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    A lady I know is moving to Drogheda from Dublin next month. She has just found out she is pregnant and is all worried as she hasnt a clue about good gynaes in Drogheda. Can anyone recommend a really good one for her. Also what was OLOL like to have a baby in – all she’s hearing are bad reports (I had mine elsewhere as I didnt live here at the time as can offer her no advice at all). Thanks girls – she would appreciate this as she has herself in a bit of a state already, having had 1 previous bad experience.


    There are loads of fab doctors in the OLOL Dr Rabee (who Im attending myself) Dr harkin, Dr Millner, Dr Quigley (he is a gentleman and brilliant doctor had him for ds)

    As for the OLOL, yes its had its far share of maternity trouble plus a bit of back luck in some cases, but on the whole its a fantastic hospital and the care I recieved on the birth of ds was second to none, I wouldnt have had such a positive outcome in any other hospital. Im now 22 weeks and the care I’ve gotten so far is brilliant.
    Im cant fault the place and hate hearing the media bad mouth the hospital, the staff there are fantastic and the level or care you get wonderfull. I know alot of my neighbours travel to Dublin to have their kids without giving the OLOL a chance. Also the OLOL has the MLU (midwifery led unit) which is a top class unit and I’ve heard it compared to the likes of Mount Carmel, this unit is only for low risk pregnancies and for mothers to be in the public system
    Tell you friend not to worry as its a brilliant hospital and Im sure alot of the girls here will second that.
    Good luck to your and your friend


    I can second what Taylor said. I too had very positive experiences in OLOL. I went public on both pregnancies and the amount of care is second to none. I was under Dr O’Quigley. As Taylor said he is a lovely man (although being public i only met him once) on both pregnancies.

    i have also heard Dr Millner is very nice.


    Fully agree with Taylor and Ed – I had my DD there 4 years ago and was 100% happy with everything. It is unforuntate how much bad media it gets – people listen to the bad things and don’t ever get to hear the good which is bad.
    I attended Dr. Milner last time – she was great, couldn’t get her this time, so am with Dr. Harkin and she is absolutely, feel very comfortable with her.


    Thanks ladies – anyone else anything any advice to offer please.


    I was at a party a few weeks ago and a girl said to me "she would rather give birth on the side of the street then in the OLOL" I asked if she had a personal experience of the hospital, she said "No just going by what is in the papers"
    I went on to tell her that my cousin was left brain damaged after giving birth in the coombe (the fault of the hospital) and this is the hospital where she gave birth to her 4 children….. You dont seem to hear all the negative stuff from other hospitals


    Hi there.
    I have 3 children (how did that happen 🙂 ) 2 were born in the fabulous French healthcare system and my son was born 2 months ago in OLOL (privately with the absolutely lovely Dr Shane Higgins).
    Before I attended the Lourdes I have to admit I was very concerned about hygiene and standards but I cannot fault the staff or the hospital on either of these counts. I had to stay overnight in the antenatal ward when I was 28 weeks and was treated very well and was pleasantly surprised at how clean the hospital was kept. When DDay arrived the only complaint I would have is that my husband was sent home at midnight from the antenatal ward even though I was in early labour. He did make it back for the birth thank God but it was close.
    All of my friends and family thought I was crazy to give birth in OLOL but if I was to go again (big IF – ) then I wouldn’t change.
    Hope that helps.


    My family were the very same, I think my mam thought I would go to mount carmel to be close to her. I cant fault the lourdes at all, I just think its the whipping boy for the health system


    my little one is only child in our family not born in the coombe but to me it would have been insane trying to get in & out to the coombe when we live 20mins from olol so i stuck to my decision and couldn’t fault them at all – ok downstairs near the entrance isn’t great – wouldn’t use those toilets unless i had too BUT the staff were great i was hospitalised for 10days all in and was really well looked after and babs too – i wouldn’t hesitate to go back IF i have another.


    Thanks girls! I’m glad to hear of some positive responces about the Lourdes. I think u r right sometimes the bad stories are the ones which make the best gossip.

    Underpressure – Re: Dr Shane Higgens – can u give me some more info on him , his ideas etc iykwim as I was talking to a lady yesterday who told me she didnt think he was great (although I think that its very difficult to please everyone) Wouid he be quite open minded as to type of delivery etc.

    Thanks again everyone for yr opinions and please keep them coming the more opinions the better as it is a big decision to make and theres not really any going back once youve chosen.


    Ive had my two babies there and they where excellent, no complaints. I went public by choice and to be honest I didnt feel like I was treated any different apart from them prodding me with a cattle prod while waiting for my visit for hours but hey the labour ward was more important to me and that was spotless clean and so was the ward.Very happy mammy and baby leaving the hospital.

    Big congrats to your friend. 🙂


    Does anyone else have any experience with Dr. Higgens or Dr. Quigley?


    Hi gals,

    I had my three in ~OLOL – for my last baby I was seeing Dr Quigley – publicly – I didnt see him much during the check-ups, but I was kept in for 10 days before delivery as she was breech, so I had to see him a fair bit then – he even tried to turn her in my tummy – all in all I found him very pleasant indeed.

    My only problem was with the anesthetist (sp) who tried to use me for darts practice – and then insulted me, and maybe the odd grumpy nurse on the night shift p’d me off.

    Apart from that OLOL is a fine place to have a baby – all the mid-wives are great.


    Thanks everyone for all your input – I’ll pass on this info to her – I know she will be delighted!

    If anyone else has anything else to add please post.



    Hi there,

    Just came across this post and can highly recommend Dr Higgins. I had extra problems during pregnancy and was given the choice of whether I wanted to deliver naturally or by cs. The problem I had would have meant an extra op about 8 weeks after babs was born if I had chosen natural delivery so I opted for cs. The decision was mine and he didn’t sway me either way, just allowed me to weigh up the pros and cons and gave me honest answers to questions I had. I was very well monitored during the 38 or so weeks before delivery with lots of scans and examinations. I was never rushed through an appointment with him. I had the best of care in OLOL and put aside all the bad things said about the Lourdes.

    If I do decide to go again I will definitely be attending Dr Higgins.


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