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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if I could pick your brains for some suggestions of things to do with my 13 month old DS. I am a SAHM and am coming to a point where I feel like I need to do more "stuff" with him to keep him entertained and burn off the energy (which will hopefully lead to a better night’s sleep all round!). He is also at such a lovely age now he can interact and get involved in things so much more!

    Only problem is I have little or no budget so it needs to be cheap or free ideas!!

    Anyone have any suggestions of things they do which we could try? As far as I know, where we are (northside of Drogheda) there is just the one mum and toddler group, which we have so far struggled to get to as it is slap bang when he has his morning nap (fingers crossed he’ll go to one lunchtime nap soon to free up a bit more time!).

    Thanks ladies. Hope you are all having a lovely day!

    x x x


    playparks on a nice day……kicking a ball around the garden…..the beach if you have a car, kids love digging sand and running free. Places like Newbridge house, again if you have a car, are brillant as kids can run free with lots of space. Free in (brig a picnic)…..but you do pay into the farm etc.

    Maybe if you know someone and can bring another child over for company….i’ve always found the more the merrier as children love to play with each other and it can sometimes work out that becauseyou don’t always have to ‘play’ you get a break of sorts.

    Failing all that if he is walking, a little walk every day can do wonders for tiring a child out in a nice way. Another good tip I’ve found is that when my own son goes down for a nap, even though the break is nice while they sleep, its good to wake them up after an hr or however long is enough. If I let him sleep too long he can nearly be tired again when he gets up. At least with a short nap he gets just enough sleep to re-energise him and then he’ll go for another short afternood nap but is in good form and full of energy in between.

    Good luck


    you could to art time at home or water play, place black sack on the ground some pots and jugs etc let him play away, give some bubbles into the mix, baking buns they love to do this there’s plenty of stuff in the house to do, and even a trip to the park or a little walk out could inspire a toddler to learn about what’s around him, like spot the bee, butterfly or spider….collect leaves and make a picture, give them a job to do in the house and make it into a game…..

    again spotting an array of birds or walk to the playground fee the swans and pidgeons, have a play in the playground…..if you wanted ask people here if planning to meet in the park and meet new friends in a free setting and start that way…..
    regards playgroups there’s one in palace street on tues, i know you said that ds naps in the morning but the best way to start change of routine and change naps is break the habit, i did this with ds as i would never go out during his naps found i was missing out on playgroups and meeting others to brought ds, yeah he was narky the first few times then settled down as was having fun, he was then knackered by lunchtime which meant then i could do a few bits and bobs around the house….you’ll get to meet people and then have play days and you get to have adult time too….

    don’t be shy and best of luck, if any more questions or wanting to meet others this the place to do it…..

    best of luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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