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    Date: Monday, January 31st, 2011
    Venue: INMO Head Quarters-Press Conference
    Time: 11.00a.m.

    The press conference is to launch a campaign of action aimed at reversing the pay cut to working 4th Year Student Nurses/Midwives. Up until now students have received 80% of a staff nurse salary during their nine month placement on hospital wards, which forms part of their four year degree programme. The Department of Health and Children has decided to phase out this payment over the next four years and abolishit altogether in 2015. These frontline health service workers work full rosters i.e. 12 hour days, night shifts and weekends. They replace staff nurses/midwives and are an integral part of the workforce.

    The press conference will be addressed by students who will detail how this breach of contract will affect them.

    I personally think this is awful. How can they expect students (many who don’t get grants as they are based on their parents income) or others who are mature students with mortgages/rent and families to support to work for nothing!!!!

    Nurses who are training work long hours, 12hr shifts and to expect them to receive nothing for that when they work out in their fourth year, literally as qualified as you get, is a scandal. Its another ‘budget brainwave’ but it is to degrading to the nursing profession. Its another way to get ‘free work’ out of people. They used to get 80% pay and I think this was fair as they had a lot of responsibility in their 9mth placement. Don’t forget, they don’t get paid over the first 3yrs when they do work placements, but they are in training. The 4th year is different.


    Awful, we are all paying this bloody USC tax and it is paying off the banks 😈 …but the hard working front line people like nurses are being hurt. disgraceful. they have such hard job, feel awful for them.


    If you don’t treat people right how can they expect them to perfom in their job.
    Each job should be rewarded. They are working full time, they need the money that goes with it.
    That’s a disgrace.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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