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    I am just putting this out there, as I can’t seem to find any reviews or more information on the Hauck range of strollers/travel systems.

    Does anyone have one or know of someone who has and what is the stroller/travel system link – ie sturdy etc in comparison to the other brands ie macclaren etc.

    Any help or info would be great.



    i checked out this brand for a boogie board, a bike and a highchair….. think they have a very very good rep in the baby market…. I personaly like their products, i ended up with a babydan high chair for half the price, it was the price that turned me off as it was a little bit more expensive….


    i had a hauck pushchair for dd it only lasted 3 months the material was ripping at the side and she was not heavy in as she was new born i find the maclaren all right 🙄 .


    thanks for the replies – i have an old macclaren which i used on DS1 but DS2 is a much smaller build and keeps sloughing in it – i too love it but its not doing it for me this time….i have however managed to get sorted with a graco pushchair!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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