Strictly 2012

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    I am a big strictly fan and love watching it every year. My children love it too, the girls love the dresses and all that glitter and my son, being a typical boy, loves the part where they get their scores. We tuned in this weekend and is was great and looks set to be a good season.

    However, I was not impressed with Nicky’s Byrnes dance partner. When she said she had never heard of Westlife I thought that was ridiculous. Has she never heard of Google?? Surely, if you were about to partner up with someone, you would do some research? She made herself look like a right fool and the way she was slagging him off for wearing shorts & socks was silly. She seems a bit mean, I am not taking to her at all yet. I hope he does not get booted off because of her, it would be a shame, I would like to see him do well.

    Denise VanOuten was good but my favourite had to be Lisa Reilly. I was not expecting her to be good but she was brilliant, loads of rhythm and a really cheeky sense of humour. Fair play to her!


    ohhhhhhhhhhh i LOVE strictly – the sky+ is set to record both the main shows and It Takes Two – the girls especially E1 loves dancing around the place and mimics some of the moves great sat night entertainment :wink:, E2 is getting in on the act this yr. My sister in law bought the girls strictly dresses last yr and they had them out last sat night 😆 Loved Lisa Reily, Colin Salmon was good too. Denise Van Outen, Louis and Kimberly were all good too.

    Wasn’t overly keen on Nicky’s dance partner either and Anton gets more annoying every year. I hope Darcey reigns in the "yeah" "kay" – she is lovely, and a beautiful dancer but the whole "yeah" thing will drive me mad before christmas 😆 😆 😆
    i look forward every year to vincent And flavia’s Argentine Tango
    ok i know wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much about this programme 😆 😆 😆


    I did see a post on Facebook about Tess looking larger on top this year 🙄 She is keeping the men happy i guess. I dont watch it but i might sky plus it, who hasnt heard of Westlife?


    Ahhhh I missed this weeks one- anyone know if it’s repeated during the week?


    not sure if it’s repeated but it takes two is on BBC2 at 6.30 every night so you can see snipets of the show there OR you tube i’m sure will have the routines

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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