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    Hi all,

    Has anyone used an oil that actually works to reduce the formation and appearance of stretch marks?

    I have been left with quite a few on my tummy, sides and upper thighs from my previous pregnancies and am looking for some tips to minimize the appearance this time around if possible.

    I don’t want anything smelly or full of chemicals, the less fussy the better.

    Please advise!


    Hi, I too have plenty of stretch marks from my two pregnancies…. while pregnant I used the Cocoa Butter which was great and I now use the Nivea Body Silhouette which helps tighten the skin a little… if there is something better I would love to know too!


    when u have a shower or bath before you dry urself rub some baby oil all over your body then dry with towel,then moisture all over but add a lil more to prob areas eg belly,sides etc.i used coconut body moisturiser and only got 4 little stretch marks on my doin the same routine this time so hopefully works again. :).bio oil is good for reducing them but never gets rid.hope this helps 🙂 🙂


    i used bio oil and palmers coco butter from day one of both pregnacies, NOT ONE stretch mark!!! love the bio oil the smell just reminds me of the lovely mummy and bump time being pregnant…. just me my bump and bio oil ( i do have a mangled belly button, popped out and never went back)
    I do think its a genetic thing, my mother had 6 kids in 8 years and neither of my sister have a single stretch mark… think if you mum and sisters have them well then you will too.
    From good stock 😆 😆 😆


    your right taylor they do say it’s genetic but my mam had none – i have none but both my sisters have lots. I too used the bio oil and the baby oil in the shower – they say that another important thing is to keep up the cream/oil or whatever your using for a few weeks AFTER babs is born while skin is going back to shape.
    Love the smell of bio oil

    Mamma Mia

    hi there ladies, I hope you don’t mind me butting in here but have you tried Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Natural Stretch Oil? It is revolutionary in its success at reducing stretch marks…it is completely organic, vegan and cruelty-free, even the stars swear by it! Gwyneth Paltrow lavished in it during and after both her pregnancies! Here is a link to our site where you can purchase either the 120ml or the smaller 30ml:


    Why not try it out and see the results 🙂

    Catherine at Mamma Mia xxx


    Mamma Mio stretch marks,cellulite and other stuff are all stocked in Miriam Meaghers chemist in the town centre in Drogheda. I bought the cellulite cream and its brill.


    I luckily didnt get any stretch marks the last time & used Bio oil.

    Have been using it this time too but keep forgetting about it, must get more orgnaised.

    I read somewhere that between 20 to 26 weeks is the most important time to use the oil to prepare your body for the streching.


    Think gonna try some stuff from site – looks nice 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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