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    How to speak to your children about attempted abductions

    The first thing for parents to be aware of is that we need to get the balance between having the conversation about stranger danger, and scaring the living daylights out of your child. Using scare tactics can actually prevent your child from taking in the important information you need them to take from these conversations.

    Fear can be paralysing, so how you approach this discussion is so important. Speaking calmly, in a supportive way, will help your child take on board what you are saying. The reality about attempted abductions by strangers is actually very rare, and this has to be acknowledged. If your child is aware of an attempted abduction in their area or school, they will be an innate worry so they are more likely to be a captive audience.

    So what you do as a parent:
    • Talk to your child about being vigilant, if you are going out, walking to school or sports, try as much as possible to travel with friends or in groups;
    • Can parents from the same locality discuss carpooling options?
    • Speak to your school parents council/sports club committee about getting the local community policing team to come and have a talk to parents and students;
    • If your child does come to you with a concern, try not to overreact, what is paramount is your child and how they are feeling about the situation;
    • Listen, take on board what they are saying, reassure them and then follow up with school, coaches, police etc.
    • Make sure that the “Find My Phone” option is turned on, on your child’s phone in case it’s needed to track their whereabouts;
    • Put your phone number on speed dial on your child’s phone and explain why you are doing it.

    What if someone tries to abduct your child, what can they do?
    • If a car seems to be following you, take a photo on your phone and text it to your parents;
    • Follow this up with a text/call when the car disappears to let parents know you’re okay;
    • If someone tries to grab you, it’s okay to punch/kick out as much as you can;
    • Run away and scream as loudly as you can;
    • If you can’t outrun someone, grab onto a tree,lamppost, other adult etc and hold on while shouting for help;
    • Remind your kids that most adults don’t need help from children, if someone asks for you to go with them and help them, don’t go;
    • If someone does get you into a car, try to open the door, don’t sit quietly, punch, kick, band windows, scream, try and use your phone to ring someone and don’t hang up as your phone can be tracked.

    These are just some of the options available to you as parents. If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me at


    One of the attempted abductions was at my son’s school, it was a boy from his class.

    We have no information on the man or the car he was driving.

    And then, 3 days later, he (or someone else which would be a huge co-incidence) tried to snatch another child on the way to school.

    The Gardai have been unable to give us any information on what the man looks like or what kind of car he was in.

    It is extremely frustrating and upsetting.

    These tips are helpful, thanks Allen

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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