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    Hi girls,

    anyone know how to get rid of a stomach bug? I’ve heard coca cola helps is that true?
    My stomach’s been doing backflips since early this mornin and i’ve hardly moved out of bed, every time i move i feel like i’m going to get sick :(

    Annd i’ve jst started getting those eggy belches(uuuugggghhhh) they are horrible, last time i had this was at the start of the year when me and hubby were away in donegal for a couple of nights…without giving tmi :oops: i was on the toilet for most of the night :( :(
    any help greatly appreciated!


    You werent on the Vino last night?

    I have the flu and when it started earlier in the week thats how it started, i couldnt move or smell anything as all i wanted to do was vomit!! If i didnt move i felt fine but as soon as i stood up or moved was enough to make me vomit!!! Horrible

    I was told that Coke is brilliant for getting rid of high temps in kids, i did try it on my two, but it was coke zero im sure it would be the real stuff that i should have used….. but no it didnt make a difference! Well the kids drink plenty so that was a good thing (they would never get coke so they took advantage lol )


    soda water, plain crackers and sips of plain (not too cold) water. These things usually run their course, if you feel dehydrated get someone to pick you up some Diarolite (its a sachet you add to water to help rehydrate when sick).

    Lots of rest and plenty of sleep will help too.

    sorry you feeling awful, hopefully its just a 24 hour bug and you will be ok tomorrow


    i had a stomach bug in october it turned out to be appendicitus and a infection in my stomach was in hospital for 2 weeks. 👿


    THsanks girls, been drifting in and out of sleep all day, might try the coke have some down in the fridge.
    No Taylor I dont drimk wine, I actually poured myself out a beer last night with all intentions of having a few but only drank half of it felt all bloated and full last night 🙁
    temp is goin up and down, getting sweats aswell..hopefully its jst a 24hr thing Sabbi,d
    god nicki how bad did you get before u went into hosp? In fairness i’m not that bad mostly jst feel sick but if i stay still enogh i’m ok.


    Can’t stomach diorolyte myself….. 🙁

    My ol’ country doc in Donegal always used to get me to give the kids / myself 7up…. flat… as there is something in it that helps do the trick….


    it was like a stomach bug at the start i woke up at 6 am and felt really bad i said to me self its only 24 hour thing it go away. it hit one o clock that day and i felt like i was going explode it was worst than any labour pain treble as worse. went down to my doctors she sent me straight up the lourdes she new what it was straight away but the eejits up in hospital thought it was everything else but my ependix they done scans, xrays and tests finally after 24 hours they found it was my ependix i was on a fast for some reason for 4 days after i got it out. it was horrid i rather have triplets than go through that pain again 😆 .


    Can’t stomach diorolyte myself….. 🙁

    My ol’ country doc in Donegal always used to get me to give the kids / myself 7up…. flat… as there is something in it that helps do the trick….

    I swear by the flat 7up too… but not the FREE stuff the full sugar one is the best, if your not eating its great for keeping blood sugars up etc…. Tuc crackers as they are light and salty, again keeping salt levels up in the blood.

    Julymum im very sorry but that sounds how my flu started last week, the first day i was in bed for the day vomiting…. havent really gotten out of it since tbh, if i do too much i feel light headed and faint! My mam is full sure its swineflu 😆 😆 😆 i do think its flu but not swine flu
    Just keep getting the fluids into you and if you have paracetemol take them too


    I use Grapefruit seed extract. Can get it at most chemists. It’s a natural antibiotic.

    Take 15-20 drops in 1/4 cup water or juice. Do this 4 times day and will kill most tummy bugs. It’s safe in pregnancy and ok for kids too..


    Have you been to see a doctor Taylor? doesn’t sound too good 🙁

    I vomited about 2hrs ago really badly nearly all over my bedroom but managed to keep my mouth covered til i got to the bathroom, then went down and got a can of coke and had a few sups, felt rotten again a while ago but i think i’m starting to feel somewhat human again, i can actually move around the bed withouth feeling i’m gonna vomit!

    god nicky that sounds awful!at least they EVENTUALLY! figured out what it was


    No i dont really do doctors 🙄 Its either the flu or viral, so not much the doc can do, the kids have it too but over the back of it, they arent as bad as me Thank God….
    Its not on my chest, if it shifts i will ring the doctor but paracetemol, fluids and hot whiskey are ticking me over


    Hi Julymam,

    how are you feeling now?

    I spent saturday in bed puking too – had tooth infection, so mouth was sore (by sore i mean agony) from tooth & stomach from infection – disaster. Luckily the anti-biotics have kicked in & im fmeeling much better now. I spent the weekend trying to force myself to eat saucers of mashed potato as had to have something in my stomach to take all the tablets. I was just trying to drink loads of water (threw it all up anyway) but was feeling awful so dh went and got me 7 up which we boiled & i have to say it really was a turning point, it helped me get some energy back & feel half human again.

    So, it sounds like we both didnt have the best New Years day !!!

    Im just raging that i missed my dinner as my mam does a big christmas dinner again on that day for all the family but there wasnt a chance of us being able to go this year – ah well.

    Anyway, hope that you are on the mend.


    Hiya MaryE,

    Was knackered Sunday & grand yesterday but then during the night woke up with sick feeling in my stomach 🙁 spent most of today in bed, was lucky we’d stayed in my mams last night cos her and my dad minded the babys while hubby went to work! I was in bits again, cramps shooting pains in my stomach every time i moved, wasn’t vomiting this time it was the other end 😳 😳 sorry tmi 🙁
    I’m feeling grand now, jst had couple slices toast this evening and a cup of tea, hope thats the end of it now!
    God seems there’s a bad dose going around, my brother was at a wedding yesterday evening and he was home an all before 12 last night which is not like him, but he was vomiting aswell!

    You poor thing, with the tooth infection aswell i’d say you were in bits 🙁 glad to hear you’re on the mend, it takes a lot out of you though do be wrecked even when feeling better!
    Take care x

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