Stolen Dogs Sold at Balbriggan Market!!!!!!!

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    just had this email in from Drogheda Animal Rescue,cannot believe this is going on right under our noses……please anyone if you see any dog for sale please do what you can to help it….please please bring it home if you can……or in emergency please ring my mobile 087 7732672 & i will try & round up some DAR volunteers to go rescue the dog……….

    Important Notice
    The LSPCA (Louth, Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals) have reported to us that there a lot of dogs being stolen in Drogheda and sold at the Balbriggan market.

    Fiona from LSPCA has told us to tell anyone who is missing a dog to go down to the Balbriggan market on a Sunday to see if the dog is there.

    Please pass this on to anyone you know who has been affected by this

    Moonflower xxx


    ok thanks i’ll pass it on, hope they get their dogs back


    God thats shocking that its happening so openly, have people no shame.
    I found a beautiful sheepdog years ago and I tried to find its owner for week, I went to the garda and asked if any local farmerswere missing a dog to give them my number, this dog was a purebreed and would have been worth money.
    The Garda told me that the travellers go about the country robbing dogs and selling them at the horsemarkets or horsefairs


    oh my god totally shocked 😯 that is a disgrace, it really is, i have heard that dogs are being stolen to be sold but didn’t think as openly as that, who would buy a dog anyway at a market without asking questions……another thing is check websites selling dogs or offering for new homes it’s a scan they say they’ll ship dog you pay for the ransport but dog never arrives, how cruel people are to do this, but robbing dogs and selling them like lumps of meat disgraceful…..they should be ashamed of themselves….


    i went to that market last weeli tell you never ever again it was unbelievable 😳 😳


    never been what was it like???


    Hi Girls,

    thats unimaginable !!! 😡 😡 😡

    Totally disgusting to know theres such people stealing people’s beloved pets and sells them at the market 😈

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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