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    After reading a reply on another post, and being shocked, lol, what do you put in as stocking fillers?



    I put in little things, like small books, games, sweets, candy canes.

    Its more about filling them with little treats than anything big.

    The big presents are laid out for the kids from Santa in the main area of the living room on Christmas morning, they are not too bothered about the stockings in our house.


    Yeah same here. We usually put in some nice little things and a couple of useful ones too, lol.

    Small toys
    New Toothbrush
    Colouring pencils

    Things like that.


    I usually put little treat things also….

    There is always socks, lol.

    I keep an eye out for nice little choc’s that are wrapped nicely, maybe in a satin bag or fancy little box, teenager always loved those (still does) and used to have them for ages (unlike her mother who would wolf them down in one sitting!).

    Fancy Pen or Pencil with Flashing Light or Bobbletop maybe a little fancy notebook to go with it.

    A DVD
    A Book

    As the teenager got older the pile of presents on the floor got bigger and the stocking got more important, CD’s and makeup got added in and vouchers because you just can’t buy for her anymore, lol.

    But for the little one this year, it will be choccies, pen/pencil, notebook, dvd, book, socks and if I find a little mini toy that might go in too.


    Oh i forgot to put battery tooth brushes…. and the bits from my other post


    yeah all little bits, socks, pants, sweets, both mine are girls so hair bobbins, clips, crayons, toy necllaces etc – their "big" pressies will be laid out under the tree and dh puts 2 hooks on the fireplace for the socks


    we have the big presents wrapped and then stocking fillers some wrapped if they can be…
    but in goes dvd’s. cd’s, small books, bubbles, toothbrush, toothpaste, bathgel/foam, little cars, trains, pens, stickers, sweets also got giant planes in choice for 1 e so two each (doesn’t matter if get’s wrecked they are just for fun on christmas morning)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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