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    Hi Girls,

    Sorry to bring up such a sad topic but my friend had a still born baby recently. I know all the hospitals tell you to watch out for a slow down in movements but it is very hard for us to judge what that means. I know myself that both my babies would have really busy days and days where they barely moved. I used to wait until the next day to be sure. Anyhow, my friend had a day with a slow down of movements – the next day, she decided to go in – she could still feel a some movement but they told her that her baby was dead. The poor girl went full term and had to be induced to deliver.

    I think the first sign of a slow down, you should probably seek advise – it is probably very rare now to have a still born baby but do be cautious.


    so sorry to hear this about your friend that’s awful…..i can’t imagine how she’s feeling….sending her love her way….


    Oh Mammycool thats terrible, your poor friend.

    I know what your saying about a slowdown in movement, but I for one had lots of times on both pregnacies that I felt little or no movement, the think is if you went into OLOL at every time you were worried they would laugh at you….. for this reason I bought a doppler (60euro) on ebay and if I was worried I would have a listen to his heart.
    This happened my dh’s cousins wife on Valentines day, only found out on Friday that there marriage has broken up with the stress, dont think the mummy is too well since, which is understandable
    Your friend will be in my prayers


    Your poor friend – I could not even imagine the torment of losing a baby, but that doppler is a great idea.


    Mammycool I hope your friend is getting lots of support during this heartbreakig time. It’s such a terrible thing to happen and often there’s just no reason for it.



    my thoughts are with your’s good to shed some light on this topic because it still can happen to many women.. 😥 i’ve personally never known anyone who”s had to go through this ordeal….but my heart goes out to any of you with fallen angels out there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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