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    i was just looking at the RTE news web site, and i noticed that it was all bad news!!!! from people not being able to pay bills to the government wanting foreign student to come and study in Ireland….. and there not enough places for our own in the colleges at the moment!!!! :x

    What is the government doing for our country at the moment were everyone is dreading this december budget,Ireland will come to a stand still till we know whats coming up in this budget!!! OUR government ARE running our country, what with giving money to banks who dont give out loans or mortgages, stopping hospital services and cutting back in an area that really need investing in as the amount of people with illnesses is on the up, also taxing the shit out of everyone!!!!
    I really cant see how we are going to become any were near what we need to be…….
    Have a LOOK FOR YOUR SELF…..


    I know, i always watched the news and the likes of primetime, frontline and the vincent brown show… tbh, i just dont have the heart to watch it anymore, its just all doom and gloom… im just not able for it!

    We arent too bad here but dh took a little over 20% pay cut and i tell you with only one wage coming in we miss that 20%, dh is still on a very good wage, we are finding we are missing that 20% for things like car services, winter bills etc and just less and less money in the bank for savings…… its not easy but im one of the lucky ones, dh still has his job and we dont have many bills. I know a few people who are in real trouble and God i dont know how they get up out of bed in the mornings 😯

    Where is it all going to end??? I will put money on the Child benefit being cut bigtime in Dec…. all the new charges they are looking to bring in like water charges, property tax etc… thats all fine, but its a struggle to stay afloat at the minute, what will it be like after the budget….. you cant get blood from a stone!!!!


    You can’t get blood from a stone is right…… but it wont stop them!!! 😆

    I hope they dont touch the child allowance… alot of people rely on that for bills, clothes, etc so that would really hit alot of families 🙁


    We need some leadership with a bit of innovation, charm and positivity. All this doom and gloom is bad for everyone. There is a protest march on next week from Parnell st to Dail eireann about the state of our government, if anyone wants to get vocal at that.

    On a lighter note…..
    There was an interesting segment on the new RTE Four Live show the other day about a webiste called where it gives tips on how we can save money an claim extra money from the government. Worth a look perhaps.

    So anyone got any good news??? Lets get some good news going on here….


    Dh got a promotion a few weeks back ..he is now the head of the dept. 😀


    woho hmm!!!!

    not mega good news but if i pass mt exam my boss said he’d reimburse me for all the exams ive taken 🙂


    my brother had to move country to get a job fully qualified social worker my mum was very upset like her only son thatlives in ireland had to move away to get a job its disgraceful.


    yes but it is the likes of the tv progs & newspapers that are bringing us down even more….

    My neighbor got made redundant last year, got a new job within a week & then got his old job back few months later & kept redundancy money & did up house…so its not all doom & gloom….the powers that be want us to be kept down & depressed….

    BTW we r waiting for news that Dh wil lose job within month & yes after 20years in same job that is a shocker & life wil never be same but stil not going to watching those depressing negative programmes…

    We still have so much more today than people did even 30 years ago……


    Papers and the news have a great way of scaremongering peole dont they!!!

    Listen and read all that stuff with a pinch of salt.
    Yeah things are bad but sure it was worse in the 80’s, int rates were 11&12% 😯


    Great news yummy 😀

    I don’t pay any attention to news reports etc etc..our mortgage is sooo low its great..we got a tracker..(think thats good!)

    I don’t profess to knowing ANYTHING about the economy at all..nada..
    Do I have enough money for food ..yes
    Are the bills paid….sometimes 😆
    Is dd happy…yes
    Is our house getting paid off…yes

    Do we have loads of money…
    Are we skint…sometimes 😆

    I love trees 😆


    I love trees…..your a nutter hahahaha

    Yeah tracker is the best hmm….dont ever change from it!!!
    My mortgage is quite low too so im very lucky! and im the same as you re the above 🙂 once I have a roof over my head, bills paid and some concoction of food in my house its all good.

    I read the papers alot plus the business pages of all the websites (kinda have to to keep abreast with stuff as most of it relates to my work)


    Yeah yummy you always seem really up to date with that stuff, I don’t have anything to do with money at all…trust dh with everything, get my budget for the week and that’s it..

    Have soo little interest in money I don’t even know what day I get paid or how much I have earned each time I work..don’t even open online pay slips just send them on to dh.

    Couldn’t give a not a spender never buy any clothes/make up etc..we having a tough year though as wanna pay off loans from last year asap..should be doing pretty well in 2 years hopefully


    If Im honest some of it fascinates me……poor fitzy living off 188 a month AS IF!!!!!!!! would ya jog on!!!

    Oh god im total opposite but sure then i have to be as its only me and ds lol. know how much is in bank, whne stuff goes in when dd’s are due and how much i have left to spend for the week. I dont hugely fret over it as i have yt to hit the breadline yet 🙂


    Who’s fitzy?


    Oh sorry Sean Fitzpatrick! Former Anglo Irish Chairman….the one who is going bankrupt.

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