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    Hi Guys

    We have just started toilet training our little girl who turned 2yrs last month :o

    Are we mad? Is it too young? Ive heard so many conflicting arguments!!

    She seems to understand whats going on and loves the praise…

    Is there right or wrong on this :?



    it totally depends on the child. our son was 2 and 4 months and it took 3-4 days, it was easy. however, our daughter was much harder, we started and stopped a few times and she was nearly 3 by the time we got it sorted.

    let the child lead the way….they know when they are ready!

    good luck 😀


    totally agree with Sabbi – follow the child
    for both dd’s i had the potty around from time they turned 2 but never pushed it, in both cases once they did first wee in potty went straight to toilet. (thank god i HATE potty’s)
    DD1 – at 2yr 3months decided to give it a go and she really did it herself was so easy
    DD2 i expected to be alot older to be honest she’s laid back she’s almost flat out 😆 but she was showing alot of interest so we gave it a go she was 2yr 5months starting – dry at night from the start, have had a few wee accidents but only at home, my only problem with her is i cannot get her to do no2’s in the toilet nearly 4weeks later – apart from that she’s been great.
    If your child is showing an interest and takes to it handy enough go for it BUT if when you try you don’t think it’s working don’t push it – just leave it a few weeks and try again


    I wouldn’t start until they are of an age that they aren’t scared of toilet and can use it with a little seat and step..i think pottys are gross and as i have said before I think pottys are a backward step with regards to training a child to use the toilet..after all kids learn by copying adults and no adult i know sh*ts in a plastic bowl in the front room 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    My DD would have turned 2 in the December and I had her trained by the January she was so easy to train.
    My Son is 2 years and 3 months and I put pants on him for a few nights this week he lasted 2 hours each night before wetting himself he told me he was going but we were too late to go up the stairs. I will leave him till after Christmas because Im trying to get rid of his soother aswell ! Doing one thing at a time.
    If she is ready than go ahead and try with her


    Thanks for the advice.

    She will go when put on the toilet usually 10min after drink or food but isnt telling us if she needs to go yet.
    Still using nappies which can be dry between times.
    She loves sitting on her seat but can just stay there with no action!!
    Its hard to get a routine as she gos to child minder some days aswell 😕


    my girl is 2 and 3 months, we have started her, just sitting on potty and makin a fuss wen she does wee wees, but she hasnt a clue wats goin on,i dont want to put her off it so i dont make a fuss, its just an introduction i want to be honest, sure she did 2 wees the other day in it, and a poo poo on the floor after it 😆 😆


    Personally I think people toilet train their kids too young, i can’t remember the exact age we did it with dd..but all children will get toilet trained just by copping on themselves….not too many 21 year olds pooing in their nappies 😆 😆 .

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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