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    At what age do schools start kids ?? My dd will be 5 and 3 months when she is due to start ……is that a tad too old to start. I was told initially by school they take them when they are 5 but i think she will be well able for it at 4 ??? Whats the norm out there ?? :?


    4 is the norm i think my dd is getting fed up with creche cause she getsbored with the younger kids i had to take her out. she starts big school wednesday week she is 4.


    I think it might depend on where you live too. I live in Balbriggan & there are loads of young kids. When I went to put my ds’s name down for schools each school had a cut off of June, so my ds because he was born in September can’t start until he is 5. None of the schools would take him at at 4. But where my mum lives is a much older community & they can start younger.


    it really depends on the school also your child….your child may be able for the education side but also remember the emotional side too…
    my ds will be 4.9 months starting where my ds2 will be like your dd 5.3 months….

    i feel happy with him going that age rather than 4.3 years as really he’ll be just out of the baby stage iykwim….i have friends who have sent their child at just gone for and a few months and they are fine, some they kept back, then others who decided to wait that little longer and they are happy with their decision to do that…

    i know it’s mixed reply but really it’s up to you and chatting with the school…
    if she goes to montessori, the best thing is to ask the montessori teacher what she thinks also if you are concerned about her doing the same things over again in montessoir, chat to the teacher and again, ask them to bring her to her level..afterall that’s what they should be doing rather than having her at the level of the younger children…she will benefit more..

    best of luck and update us…


    You should check with your school because different schools have different policies – some of them have rules where the child must be 4 by the March/April of the year they are due to start.
    I was told our local school is like that but then next thing my neighbour has been told they’ll take her little one who is a june baby. I’m happy though to leave dd until she’s 5+
    What can happen if a school doesn’t have rules is that if the national school is over subscribed and your child is one of the younger children she may not be allocated a place until the following year anyway.


    just heard about a little boy who is turning 4 in sep and has been accepted…why??? coz needed to fill places and get grant without loosing a teacher


    Gosh its a tough one isnt it ? Personally i feel she will be well able for "big school" – however, she hasnt even started playschool yet!!! She does that now next week – so i suppose i should just wait and see how she gets on there . Im not too worried now reading your replies that over 5 is too old. I will see how she goes with the playschool and then speak to her "big school" again ……..thanks for replies xx


    my dd started school when she was 5 and 2 months.. timing was perfect. She is in 6th now and loving school. My youngest who is 4 and 7months is starting next week and i think she is well able for it, she coped very well in montessori and is so excited about starting.

    The only problem i can see down the line is that according to the department of education you need to be 12 on Jan 1st the year you are starting secondary school…. i have rang a few local schools and due to the increase in population in Drogheda now they are mostly sticking to that rule!!!!

    It is out of the question waiting until next year to start her as she will be far to old…..


    i think its down to when ur child is ready not the school. My dd is 4 yrs and 4 months for school this year but I have no intentions of sending her as she i dont think she is ready… I have had 3 schools who i have her enrolled in ask me to enrol her this year just fir the grant so they wont lose a teacher and my answer was no… She just isnt ready…she will go 2011 when she is 5 and 4 mts when both her dad and I know we are 100% happy with her…


    Hi there

    I have a beautiful son named ADAM his nature is quiet and works well in montessori on his own, Adam was four in MAY loves figuring out jigsaws and puzzles I think 5 is a good age, y get rid of them to school because mammies need their time, we will have enough of time on our hands when they go , they will be there long enough, YOU need to think of the child he may not be ready at 4. its a big jolt to them. God help them. Enjoy them


    yes & i think some people were sending them early to save on creche fees..but now we have the free preschool year many people are holding back as some of these very young 4 year olds are not ready…which must be part of reason there are more school places this year…


    I agree moonflower, my sil was paying nearly a thousand euro for her dd to go to creche, she sent her at 4 regardless if she was ready, she wanted to save the money on the fee……. i thought it was very very sad, but saying that she is doing fantastic


    I know most parents sending their children to school are not even begining to think of second level education……but this year was a bit hectic in Drogheda. Its not like years ago. There are just not enough places for the all the children. What gets me is that the Dept. of Education must know this from the numbers in primary school coming through.

    If your in a catchment area for a school then you have amuch better chance of getting in and age might be the only thing that would go against you if they had all the places filled from catchment areas and they had to say no to a few based on age. Our Lady’s College, Greenhills is taking on 180 pupils in first year, more than any other year for first year only. They have done away with the pre-first year now as well, far as I know.

    People forget that children from outside Drogheda have to apply for secondary school places too and some come a good distance for school. Probably needs a better system than the current one where parents apply to each school individually so can apply to lots of schools……but they can only accept one offer and sit one entrance exam, they are held on the same day. Think it should be one application for secondary school, bit like the CAO application.

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