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    Hello all, it has been a while since I posted (long story!!) but I am back. Was wondering if anyone could share their experience of their first child starting playschool. My weeman started at end of May and is still crying every morning! He gets upset in the morning ( from 7am) as soon as he realises its a "school day" and sobs until I collect him (only leaving him from 9.30-11). He will be 3 soon, and I am 4months pregnant so feel it has to happen soon!! He loves being with other children and I know that once he gets over the separation will really enjoy it. I have just increased him from 2 to 3 mornings a week, but am almost as upset as him every time (although I don’t let him see!!). Did anyone else have this experience and what would you advise?? I am heart broken!!


    Hey babs,, its heartbreaking when they are like that. My little man started in creche back in December after being with a childminder for 6 months and he cried for the firsts 2 weeks. Somedays when i go pick him up he cries but the girls tell me he wouldn’t have cried all day. Its just a relief thing for them to see you 🙄 but oh i know how horrible it can make a mum feel. Give it a little more time and i’m sure he will settle in.


    Hi Babs,

    great to see you back on here and congratulations on your pregnancy. Dont post so much myself these days but its nice to now everyone is still around.

    With regards to the playschool dilemma I am afraid I cant offer you much help .but perhaps would they let you stay with him for a few minutes while the room fills up and leave just before they start the may be the sudden departure which scares him
    Or perhaps ask him if he wants to bring a special teddy with him which th eteacher could mind..kinda make out that teddy has to go as well?

    It must be upsetting to think that he crys the whole time you are gone as generally kids cry but then once the mums have gone then they are fine.

    Obviously you have spoke with the teachers..but maybe have another word and ask what they are doing to soothe your son when you are gone.

    If you genuinely think he doesnt like the actually school perhaps there would be other options such as playschools run in peoples homes..maybe nt be so daunting? (there is one here in tullyallen my neighbours dd goes, it is run in a private house but all very proper IYKWIM and it is not so busy?


    Ah thats terrible. Im sure you spoke to the teachers, does he cry all the time he’s there or just when he sees you leaving and arriving? Did they offer any advice as Im sure he isnt the first child to do this.

    Do you think ds knows your pregnant? My ds knows I am and he has turned into a demon.
    Could you stay with him for a whole morning just to see if he settles or if there is another child that he doesnt like etc..
    Ask the playschool if they have a routine, like storytime, so you could tell him "after storytime mammy will be back to collect you"
    Maybe try somewhere else and see if he is the same

    I hope you get this sorted, my ds will be starting in September (just weeks before Im due) and Im worried about him, but I have a feeling it will be me crying not him, how sad is that

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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