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    Just watching the programme about the Stardust 30years on, very sad how many dead and injured…

    Locked fire escapes, blocked fire escapes…. how was it that someone hasnt gone to jail for this?

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    I remember it like it was yesterday! I had just got home from Sardi’s roller disco and the news starting breaking on the radio. A friend of mine was DJ’ing that night (he got out with just some smoke inhalation) and I kept getting reminded that if I’d known there was a dance competition that night, I would have been there, living so close (don’t ask re dancing!). It’s just so frustrating to have to accept after all this time that someone still hasn’t been held accountable.


    it was really sad
    My Dhs aunt was working as a lounge girl when it happened and DHs mam was meant to go but her mother wouldn’t mind him so she couldn’t go 😯


    I grew up literally around the corner from the Stardust, I remember that night vividly, we were only kids but we were awoken by the Ambulances, Fire Brigades and that awful reaction in our Estate.

    Panicked parents and neighbours trying to figure what was going on, who was at the Stardust, who was affected, total chaos and the resulting frustration, sadness and bitterness.

    I feel for all the families who were affected and still pass on my wishes.


    I was only talking to my neighbour who grew up beside it, she has been cut to a 3 day week and didnt go that friday but all her friends did, she was at home feeling sorry for herself, she was saving her money for the Miss Star comp on the Saturday night, as her friends sister was in the final.

    She said she was looking at the plans on the tv the other night saying "we would have sat there"
    Terrible that no body was accountable, its clear many many rules were broken!


    Its horrible, in my last job one of the directors was at the disco that night, only he left early and never went home that night he slept in his mates house. His parents were frantic. He got such a slap when he walked in the door as he didn’t know what had happened until his parents told him.

    Its so hard to believe that no-one has gone to jail over this.

    My prayers are with everyone who is affected from the stardust tradegy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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