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    I hate to admit this but I do not fully understand it. I’ve been listening to the politicians talking about it and – maybe its just me – but they are not very clear in what they are saying.

    I can tolerate Enda Kenny saying he would not do the Vincent Browne show but now he has said he will not do any TV/Radio debates about it. There is a general level of wariness & confusion out there so shouldn’t he be willing todebate this to reassure us that we would be right to say Yes?

    Its a bit messy and while I am leaning towards a Yes vote, I am not 100% convinced just yet.

    what do ye think of it??


    oh sabbi i’m the same i don’t completely understand it and i’m nervous of voting on something i don’t totally understand – ESPECIALLY when the politicians seem to be at total loggerheads over it

    I agree to that as there is such inease about it the Enda Kenny as the leader of our blessed little country should take the time to have this debate and assure us that voting Yes is the right thing to do. I believe he’s going to make a speech! similar to the last telivised speech i’m sure totally coregraphed and scripted so he can’t put his foot in his mouth

    ohh i better go back to work but i really get started!


    why would he not debate it? if it so right for us to vote yes, he needs to explain it and reassure us.

    its like the household charge all over again, he is denying there is a problem and spouting that we will do the right thing and vote yes but in my mind, he has not given us a good enough reason to vote yes!

    I feel like there is no leadership in this country and I never ever thought I would say this but Gerry Adams talks alot of sense sometimes….


    Im voting yes!! You cant bite the hand that feeds you!!!


    I do not think that Enda Kenny knows how to debate. As a leader, it is the one thing that he has always avoided. Appears to be a confidence issue with him.

    I am going between not voting at all – because this deal will be changed and how can you vote on something that is not finalised or vote yes, like Taylor, they are giving us the money to try and sort out our country.

    Usually, we get something from the referendum commission telling us what the treaty means for us. We have not received anything this time – must have a look on their website – they are supposed to be impartial.


    I still don’t know which way to vote – I know they have given us money but if we agree to this can they make us change things? Will our attractive low tax rates for corporations be cut? The more power we give over to Europe, the less in control we are.

    Our low tax rates have gotten us lots of FDA. Back in the 90’s Ireland had 25% off all the European Foreign Direct Investment from the US – we are a small country but because of our relationship with the US and the low tax rates, they invested a quarter of their overseas investments in Europe with little old us.

    I am undecided – don’t want to not use my vote but don’t want to vote the wrong way. Enda has really let us down on this one.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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