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    Hi All,

    I am looking forward to Paddys day. My family are all coming to Drogheda for the day. Had planned to go to mass, see the parade & then go somewhere for our lunch/ dinner.

    I was dying to see the Drogheda Leader today as thought there would be loads of information in it but there is nothing mentioned about the parade/ festival at all!! I also thought that all the restaurants would be advertising lunch specials on the day but not one advert.

    The only people who mentioned Paddys day events were the pubs & clubs. These events wouldnt be suitable for my family with the kids. One of my pet hates is seeing people in pubson paddys day getting drunk with their kids there, normally totally bord – but now im going off the point.

    Anyway i suppose i will have to ring around all the restaurants to see who is open during the day.

    Just in shock that there isnt more about it in the paper.

    super minder

    try black bull or harrys in mell or failing them the glenside hotel nice food and kid friendly xxx
    happy paddys day


    Hi there Super Minder, Thank you for that.

    I dont think the Black Bull is worth what they charge but the Glenside is a good idea. I must give them a ring.

    So, whats everyone elses plans for St. Patricks day?

    What do you usually do?

    Any memories of the day as a child?

    I have great ones. My parents were and still are great. We always had a day out but not to the parade, as my mother said it was too hard to mind four children at the parade & even with two adults they couldnt lift the four of us up to even see it.

    We always went to mass, dressed in as much green as you owned & ur home made badges, stuck to us, green ribbons in the hair & then we did something as a family.

    One year, we went to the Airport to see the planes taking off, now these were the days that you didnt go on holidays abroad, so going to the airport was such a huge treat. We also got sweets out of the vending machine which was the biggest excitement of the day as that was the only place that i had ever seen a vending machine. I loved watching the sweets fall down.

    Another year, we went swimming & we had the pool totally to ourselves. The music was played real loud & we were dancing & playing in the pool to it. It was the best fun. Myself & my siblings still talk about that.

    They seem like silly things compared to what kids get these days but they are great memories for me.

    I really want to make happy memories of St. Patricks day for my child.


    i got really excited every year because i marched in the parade. It was such a sense of pride to be involved.
    the best parade in the town though was the bonanza parades, and company’s really made an effort to dress their floats.:D
    why can’t the shed company put snow white and the seven dwarfs in the shed and make an effort. no child or adult i know want to see a bunch of trucks with company logos and no effort 😡 😡
    This year we are going to Rathgar lake in Dunleer with our wellies to nature walk 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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