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    Hi Girls!

    Kelly is keen on having a Mumstown float/Entry in the Drogheda 2008 St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The sucess of this entry depends on us – the Participants! :D

    How many of you would be interested in walking through the town in the parade representing Mumstown, distributing sweets and balloons to the onlooking crowd???

    It has been proposed that we use the parade as an advertising opportunity for the Banardo’s Big Toddle and therefore use the same theme for both.

    We are thinking of having a Teddy Bear’s Picnic theme. Both Parade and Toddle participants would walk, push, tricycle etc etc carrying their favourite teddy bears or soft toy. We would also have a picnic afterwards for the Toddle. This is the basic idea. We would make this a really fun day for both kids and parents!

    More details will follow as we see how many participants for the parade we can encourage out for the 17th!

    Come on Mumstown! Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s together! :D


    Sounds like a lovely idea, I would be up for it.


    I would be interested in participating in this with my little one.


    deffo toddle as mentioned before, not around on paddy’s day unfortunately……having an over night stay in the ritz hotel the night before and meal in gordan ramsay’s sorry just soooo 😉 o excited….


    Oh scole you lucky cow ye 😉 😆

    If you see my man wil you give him a squeeze for me? 😉 😆

    Have a fun!


    Canucklass my dh has seen him a few times, my dh isnt small and he was shocked at how tall gordan is…… Scole is only going there after I told her my dh gets his lunch there and lays about in the 5k a night rooms 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    On the parade issue, I would be willing to help out with paint or other things involved in the build up, but on the day I couldnt do it say we were thinking of going to Dublin that day


    Thanks Taylor


    Hi Canuck,
    Would love to help in anyway we can leading up the the main event, but we are out of the country on the 17th. But anything we can do in between ……… just shout. 😀 😀
    As for the Toddle we are definately up for that, lets us know the date and we will be there 😀 😀 😀 😀


    Hi Canuck,

    I am sorry I have sort of signed up with Drogheda Animal rescue for their float this year, so will be in the paradebut on a different theme……..

    Brilliant idea you have though and I am sure it will be well supported…..i will be reading with interest to see how you are doing…..

    Moonflower x


    Hey Cannuck

    I’d love to join in but would need more details. C will only sit in a buggy for a short amount of time before he has a meltdown, so not sure how practical the whole thing would be. 🙄

    I would also love to give a hand, if there’s anything I can do just let me know. 🙂


    Ok, I’m in. I think it would be great for such a community based site to be involved with a community parade like this AND dd is obsessedwith parades ever since we went to Disneyland so being in one would be a dream come true for her!! 😆 😆


    hi would ove to be a part of both parade and big toddle
    what date is the paprade? i’m going to wexford with a friend but not sure which days.


    you’d never guess i was rushing last message
    i’d love to take part!


    Hi Ladies

    Kelly and I have had a chat and we have decided against a float entry for this year’s parade.

    Thanks for your interest and support! We will no wlook forward to next year!

    Take care


    Oh thats a shame, hopefully next year there will be more time to get organised.

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