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    There were some musicians singing & playing instruments outside Penney’s in Drogheda the other day and have to say, they made me smile. It was freezing and they were playing to their hearts content and actually making real music (not just noise like some ‘buskers’).

    It brought me a little bit of Christmas cheer so I threw a few quid in their basket.

    What’s making you smile this Christmas??

    Lets try to spread a little cheer….


    Last night, the door bell went, A man standing on the step – selling wreaths and baskets for table…
    He told me that he needed to sell them to have toys under the Christmas tree for his children , it really brought a tear to my eye..

    I had ordered some from the market already, but really felt i had to buy from him too



    Libby i heard sob stories like that in the past, then the fucker walked out and got into a brand new BMW…. i wouldnt buy when i get a sob story or a pushy sales person.


    we had 4 fellas about 9/10yr knock on the door the other night singing christmas carols – the face on my 3yr old as they sang rudolph was brilliant – she loved it. I made them sing about 4 songs and fair play to them they kept going and going – made us smile, gave them a few penny’s and a few sweets 😉


    That’s so sweet, at least they were singing munchin, not like the cheeky young lads who knocked out door last year and half sang, half laughed a carol. Needless to say, they did not get any pennies or sweets!


    there was a mass for our schoolchildren yesterday and listening to them singing and doing their prayers,the innocent little faces of them .it was just lovely.the priest told them all that santa sprinkles magic dust on parents on xmas eve which means that the children can shout and make as much noise as they like on christmas morningand we wont hear it or it wont bother us 😯 .


    That last story made me laugh!!

    The kids christmas nativity is lovely to watch. When we were small, my daddy would bring us into Drogheda on Christmas Eve – the band was always playing and it always marked the start of Christmas for us – it was real Christmassy.(I realise now that he was getting us out of the way!!)


    just back from dd1’s nativity play – she was an angel – said her line crystal clear – their faces were brilliant all watching eagerly for their parents to arrive, loved listening to them singing their songs – they were all chuffed with themselves and the huge round of applause they got 😉

    i’m getting all excited about finishing work on friday – one of our customers has pushed their job out to the new year so we just MIGHT get away early – fingers, toes crossed 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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