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    Does anyone know a place that does decent spray tan at reasonable price in drogheda..need it done 2moro..:) Thanks :)..


    If you can get to Tullyallen, Elaine Marrett at cornerstone beauty uses the vani t organic tan that goes on gorgeous and is a ll ortganic. u can get her on 087 7541082 or 983 0561


    beauty salon across from bus depot called retreat do them for €15 full body!!


    €15 for a full body!!?? That great..is it any good though?? 😯


    yeah my mate gets it done all the time and its fab!!!! im nearly sure its that sun fx but dont quote me on it 🙂

    i havent ventured myself cos i know a few girls that work there and would be morto standing in front of them the way i am weight wise now. but yeah it great value alright!!!


    The Red Door in Wheaton Hall – have a offer Spray Tan / Hair / Nails and make up for €49:00

    I got it all done for my party – Tan was great – Have booked for wedding in October


    €49!!! Thats unreal!! That would be great for a big night out (am thinking birthday pressie for me!!) and the €15 is great for a "feeling fat so get a tan" day…I know what you mean about not getting it done if you know who is spraying you…its all a bit too personal!! Kinda like getting a brazillian and then having to stand beside that beautician in a lift!!!! 😳 😳


    i have to say i dont like the red door at all, staff arent very nice and its not the most nicest looking of places, the stairs are very rickety to get upstairs and the tan tent is in same room as sun bed and a very open window!!!!

    oh god yeah hahahaha thats why i bought an epilator and am addicted to sally hanson tan 🙂 (DIY)


    Think I will give that place opposite bus depot a go….will report back to you all…I should be an expert by now as have been doing the whole fake tan thing for almost 20 years!!! Its so handy to do it yourself at home, but isn’t nice to get someone else to do it for you…less messy and the results seem to last longer!!


    babs totally agree with ya there nothing like waking up, showering off and being golden brown without having done it yourself (and cos i live alone bribing my ds to do my back hahaha) and all over at that (love the white marks;) )

    let me know how ya get on!! think i will treat myself when i lose a stone and feel not so conscience about geting it done.


    i am in navan and i do Vani-t Spray Tan and Gel Nails if this helps if you havent got sorted .


    I dont like the spray tans at all had them twice and never like them…..

    Check out this company for tans, brilliant products…


    They were doing a BRILLIANT offer 290 worth of goods for 100euro…. just didnt have the money as getting bits done in the house, but think the offer is over 😥 😥 😥

    Sorry found the email, its 229 euro worth of products… I will forward the email to your if you want …. just cut a paste for you

    Its nearing the end of summer, and its raining – again!

    So we thought that we should give you an opportunity to prepare your skin for the rest of the year.

    You can get the mega skin care pack, including body polish and lotion, luxury cleansing products, desirable collagen products and of course the ever popular Rich and 24ct tans for just £100.

    Yes – it is a totally ridiculous offer. 10 of our most popular skin care and tanning products for way less than half price.

    You get:
    1 Body Polish worth £12.50
    1 Body Lotion worth £15.50
    1 Rich Silken Chocolate worth £19.95
    1 24ct Silken Shimmer worth £17.50
    1 Silken Facial Polish worth £16.00
    1 Orange Oil Cleanser worth £14.00
    1 Collagen Firming mask worth £39.95
    1 Rest and Rejuvenate Night Cream £32.50
    1 Daily Skin Firm Serum £39.95
    1 Deep Daily Moisture £25.00

    the total pack is worth £229.85….get it now for just £100!!

    Buy now. Click below and it will bring you straight through.

    http://www.vitaliberata.com//dsp_produc … a_Offer.ht

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