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    Feeling a bit tired? Want an energy boost?

    Natural Medicine Company has a new range of spray vitamin and mineral supplements that we are really liking. A quick spray inside the side of your mouth and hey presto, you’ve got your vitamin boost for the day!

    These are ideal for anyone who likes quick results or for someone who does not like to take tablets. These are our top picks for giving you an extra zing in your step!

    Better You D-Lux 1000iu Oral Spray (15ml)Better You D-Lux Infant Oral Spray (15ml)

    They have versions for adults and children and also, Vegan friendly options like this one:

    Better You Vegan Health Oral Spray 15ml

    And if you prefer the regular capsule form, these ones are great:

    Biocare NT 188 (60cps)

    Available online from Natural Medicine company or in stockists nationwide!

    Be healthy, Be Happy!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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