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    This is a great homeopathic remedy combination that will speed up healing following delivery – particularly useful if you have had a section, difficult delivery or stitches.
    It can also be used following any surgical procedure or dental work.

    Use the Nelsons brand as they dissolve easily in water.
    In a 500ml bottle of still water put in 3 pillules of each of the following remedies (9 pillules altogether)
    Arnica 30c – for internal bruising and sore (or cut) muscles
    Calendula 30c – heals wounds and helps prevent infection
    Hypericum 30c – heals damaged nerves

    Take one sip from the bottle 5 times a day for 5 days. This may be enough but you can continue to take for a few more days if you wish. Preferably don’t eat or drink for 5 mins before or after taking remedy. Shake bottle well before each sip.

    Add staphysagria 30c to the mix if surgical intervention left you with feelings of humiliation, indignation and anger and the pain is sharp, stinging and smarting.

    Hope this is of help
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