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    It’s a good time of year for the Gardaí to have introduced the new speed cameras across the country – this is sadly am awful time of year for road deaths in Ireland.

    Hopefully this will have an impact and people will slow down and lives will be saved.

    here is a link to further details about the initiative, I could not find the actual location of the cameras but reckon that will be added to the site soon for everyone to see, its common sense to say where they are, especially the ones in accident black spots.



    in the local area 4 black spots

    Gormanstown to Whitecross

    Piltown (blacks garden centre) to Stameen

    Mell from Trinity street up as far as Aldi…. Well that what i could make out

    The platin road from drogheda to Duleek


    was one yesterday on the road past piltown pitch and putt….


    NOTE: GARDA Website currently having difficulties with large amount of traffic!!
    View Interactive Google Map at http://cdn.thejournal.ie/data/speed.html instead!

    There was much talk on the airwaves this morning about a new website that shows you the locations of all speed cameras in Ireland. However… when I visited this morning, the site simply showed a “Service Unavailable” error. http://www.irishspeedtraps.com

    I can’t to see this site and obviously either can anyone else! The site being down is most likely due to an unexpected level of traffic to the website.

    A lot people see this site as a bad thing, but I personally think it will be a good thing. According to the Gardai, the locations of speed traps and cameras are chosen based on the number of accidents in that vicinity. So if that is true, it should make people slow down in these areas and hopefully as a knock on effect, reduce accidents too.

    I’ll give a proper review of the site when it’s live again.


    I was on the irishspeedtraps.com site the other day and you can zoom right into the street around town and the location where they are. Have a look when the site is back up and running. I cant get onto the site today so it must be down due to people still going onto it …….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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