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    hi Girls, just looking for a little bit of advice please,

    my dd is definitely developing a lisp especially around the ‘s’ sounds/words ending in s etc( sorry hope thats clear ) and i dont know whether or not to bring her and have her checked out by a speech therapist or leave well enough alone for the moment.
    shes 2.5 yrs and apart from this problem her speech is great and she has a huge vocabulary. i was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience or knows a good speech therapist whom i could refer to if i need to.

    Many thanks.


    Had the same concern with my son (3.5). Went to see the public heath nurse, who told me he’s in the average and small speach difficulties are normal.
    A perfect speach is expected around 5/6.

    If you had concern, talk to your nurse.
    Everyone around me told me he’s ok, but havingmet the nurse reassured me.

    Best of luck.


    God to the phn she will refer you, at 2.5 its very early, they say if problem still there by 3 then they need some help, but the lists are long so get into the system now and when she reachs 3 you cant ring back or just leave it if its cleared up
    Good lcuk


    my ds lisped his s’s when he was younger too, i always thought it was just something that every shild went through as i can rem my little brother doing it too. Never brought him to anyone and his speech is fine now, has been since he was about 4.

    my little cousin had to go to speech therapy but thats only because you couldnt understand a word he said, he was very very bad at talking, not lisping as such just trying to get words out. he is 15 now and not a bother on him (well as much as you can be for 15 yo boy who grunts all the time hahaha)

    good luck.


    My little guy had problems pronouncing a few letters until he started big school. I took him to GP but he said not to worry, he would grow out of it and he did. He’s a proper little chatterbox now, although he really only started to come on when he hit 4, he’s 6 now and not a bother on him.

    Yesterday he turned to his 4 year old sister and said ‘What’s with all the drama?’

    I had to look away for a giggle….


    Thanks for all the advice girls, think i will refer to phn but not make a big deal of it, and just keep a close eye on it.
    Thanks for sharing, its good to know that it may just be a phase!


    check leader there was an advert regards moving speech therapy from haymarket just incase was thinking of going can’t remember off top of head to where but there’s a few things moving office


    moving it to somewhere around the laurence centre (where old health centre used to be) either around by credit union or on william street.


    its moving to the peters st entrance of the laurences centre
    ds is going to them to improve his speech too


    My ds will be going there too, waiting to hear back. Might give them a ring as they said a course was starting in September but have heard nothing


    thanks for that!


    You have to referred by phn to get that public speech therapy now on peters street (was haymarket), also there is a six month waiting list.

    My ds went on list in June, haven’t heard anything since but phn told me it would be about six months before i would hear from them.

    Alternatively you can go private, phn, gave me a number. I didn’t ring private person so dont know how much it is. Was giving ds a few months before paying to go private for speech therapy.

    My ds was saying very little at 22 months, so i was worried and went to phn nurse who got him referred for speech therapy but about a month later he started chatting away & is fairly good now, well much improved now.

    So hopefully wont even need therapy by the time the appointment comes.
    If you are worried about dd, get her referred as it will take at least six months for an appointment.

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