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    Hi girls,

    I’m a bit concerned. My childminder is after rating my child as being very poor with his speech developement. DS is only 18 months and she says he should have 50 words at least at this stage and he only has about 25. I was very surprised and naturally a bit angry as I believe my little man is doing fine. He understands everything you say to him and can communicate things he wants like his bottle (bop bops), knows all the following words car, dog, train (he calls this choo choo), bath, mam, dad, colin, ciara, grandad, nan, yes, no, light, hiya, bear, simpson :oops: , shoe, and a few others.

    I am afraid now for his development and childminder has fear of god in me. He has been through a traumatic time during the past few weeks because of a bereavement in the family (he witnessed some of the commotion as it happened in the house) and is not sleeping great and has only started eating in the past few days.

    I am just inquiring to you mums to see what age your child developed speech at and should I be concerned. I just feel he is very young to be under pressure about his speech. Childminder using flash cards and trying to get him to say words but I feel this is too much on a little 18 month old.

    Your help and advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated as I’m really worried about ds now. :( :( :(


    hiya, i have a 22month old and his speech is great but he never shuts up….on the your case don’t be worrying about his speech he is well aware of what is going on can take direction so he’s not stupid, he will speak more words when he feels he should so don’t pressurise him and he’ll soon start he is normal despite what your minder says i know kids that didn’t speak only one or 2 words up until they were 3 all kids will talk when they feel like talking not being put under pressure….
    i do flashcards with my DS and also make games in order to encourage speech etc, but i wouldn’t be intense with the flashcards as some speech therapists say that it seems like too much work for young children….
    To be honest it seems that your childminder may be just be putting the frightners on you is she a speech therapist??? from what child is she comparing from, my friends son started walking at 10 months i thought that was the norm so when my son didn’t walk until he was 14 months i was thinking he was a late starter…..
    maybe contact a speech therapist and have a chat…also there’s a home service programme called lifestart that is a support to family with regards to children development up to the age of 5, each month they meet you and give you a check list and activities and things that your child should be doing at each age approx, and best thing it’s free….oh and he’ll be due his 18month check up too so maybe piece of mind public health nurse will tell you
    so don’t be panicking i’m sure he’ll be fine……
    forgive me for asking but have you not had comments from your childminder before where she commets on various different things?? if not you i’m sorry but don’t let her upset you…..


    As a childminder I studdiedchild development in college & the 1st thing we learnt is that EVERY CHILD DEVELOPS @ DIFFERENT RATES & ur childminder should know that too.

    Pay no heed to her & keep encouraging ur DS to talk, try not to speek for him & repeat back what he says to show u understand Other than that don’t fret they all do things @ dif times some babies walk @ 9 months others are nearly 18 months taking their 1st few steps & in my experience if ur son is not flying with his words he’ll be fairly steady on his feet early its usually either 1 or the other that comes early or late



    all kids are different my daughter didnt speak alot until she was well over 2 but could understand everything , also if there is a problem the health nurse will refer him . My other child could hold a full conversation at 18 months but didnt walk until he was 2 , dont worry


    my niece will be 2 in march and she only says a few words also my my dd came out of me tlking she never shuts up 😆 as pinkie said all children devolop at diffrent times if you are worried tlk to the baby nurse when you go for his check up

    as for your lil boy not sleeping he has seen a bit in while and knows something has happened this is normal for any child he will get back in to a sleeping routine soon

    hope you and your dh are ok yous have been trew a lot lately sending you a big HUG



    My ds is 27 months and he only has a few words, we did do sign language and he still signs words even though we dont sign at him anymore, we are trying to get him to speak rather then sign.
    I did ask the phn at his 19month check up to put him down for therapy, which we went to. She felt he was fine and nothing wrong with him as he scored well above the average on the tests (she was expecting him to score 40 and he scored 65 so he has the mental thinking of a 4 year old rather then 2) This was a good to know but I wasnt worry about him.

    My ds would now only have about 25 words at the moment but more and more everyday. If you want I can bring alone the sheets at the next Saturday meet up or I could post up a few quick pointers if you like.
    Dont worry and DONT FORCE HIM to talk, I was told this by the phn and this is wrong.


    Thanks girls. I will definitely have a chat to the nurse. The childminder is just very into her job and is absolutely brilliant with him..just has me worried about the little man.

    Thanks for the help and hugs girls much appreciated.


    as some of the others have said, every child develops differently gismo and 25 words for 18 months is fab.
    my friends son is nearly 3 and his speech is terrible, he can say words but its all stuttered out you know what i mean, but im sure it will fix itself in time.
    dont worry about it, just wait till he tellsyou he hates ya or to f off and u wish he didnt bloody talk at all 😆 😆 😆 😆


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Just rang the district health nurse and told her the story about the speech. She said there is nothing wrong with him and he is fine and not to be worrying about him. He is doing great if he is saying all the words that I said he is so going to have chat to minder tonight…so happy 😆


    i have a 23 month old boy and in the last month his speech has become great but only in the last month i can understand what he is saying etc. I don’t think you have anything to worry about as it happens so quickly but i would give him another 2 or 3 months. I can’t stop ryan talking now morning noon and night o the joys


    thanks chipbutty…going to let him develop at his own rate. Sure little mite understands everything i say


    Just catching up on all the gossip on Mumstown. Hi. This is Bernice here, your new Psycho therapist and free advice line at bmckenna22@msn.com

    Been reading all the mum tips, and lovely support groups there. Well done all. To reassure you. child is doing fine ……. has some words , and you know others may have more , and even less. Sure Childminder heart in the right place, but maybe she a chatter box, and her kids followed , just do pls. not say the words for your child , let him / her say them themselves. If they point at something with the infamous hhmm hhmm , say the word , and get them to make effort before you give the demand. This encourages more speech. Ok , and no worries at moment .
    By the way , on a lighter note, we spend 3 years teaching them to speak , and then many many years telling them to quieten up , Ha ha, so enjoy his Baby Hood , and forget the Cards , just for now. See my post , and use FREE line bmckenna22@msn.com , when ever you need it . Ok all


    the playschool where the little boy I mind (age 3) mentioned to his mum that he may have a hearing/speech problem but TBH I think he is a little lazy & mammy speeks for him alot. I am not worried about D’s speech as I know he will get there eventually. At the min I encourage him to speek & don’t give him what he wants til he says car please or drink please hopefully it’ll pay off some time soon


    Gismo I havent forgotten that stuff I have for you, I’ll bring it with me on Friday if that is ok.

    Pink I was doing that with ds, not giving him what he wants until he says the word…. but the speech therapist says that is soooo wrong and could affect a childs confidence. I have to give him a moment or on chance to say the word, if he doesnt, I give he what he wants and hope the next time he will say the word. Only doing the speech theraphy course ONE WEEK and since I stopped trying to force the words out of him, he is flying and we have had about 20 new words this weeks alone and he is starting to have fun talking (knows it makes mammy happy too)
    He has even started saying words that he would normally use sign language for, so happy days and dont force the issue, all in there own time

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