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    Hi all you cake makers out there.

    I would like a rugby ball cake for my husbands 40th Birthday in June.

    Please could you pm me with prices for such a cake, I have seen a few examples on Google images for such like.

    I don’t have a massive budget and I am willing if too expensive to offset some , or all of the cost (if you are feeling generous!) with the promise of professional photographs whenever you wish of what ever you wish for your web sites.

    In any case I won’t be offended if you do not wish to take me up on the professional photo offer and would love a quote non the same!!!

    Thanks a mill xxx


    Cookie Momster has some special offers on some cakes at the moment and her cakes are delicious. We had samples of her chocolate biscuit cake in our Mumstown Christmas goody bags and they were fab.

    Here is her link: http://www.cookiemomsterbake.com/ and email

    She does a really great job, has excellent prices and is local, so anyone buying from her is supporting a local mammy!

    We are getting my son’s communion cake and sisters 21st cake from her!


    Hi happymumblemum,I have sent you a pm 🙂 please do not hesitate to contact me and we can see if we can come up with something special for you 🙂


    HMM – definitely pay Coulter and Black a visit.. they are close to you there and are very reasonable too! xx


    Thanks for the replys girls keep the quotes coming!!!!

    To be honest I think the prices I have seen are gonna be way above my budget though


    HMM – if someone is looking to get your hubby a gift, why not let them get the cake?

    We are getting my sister her cake for her 21st as her gift from us – this is something she wants so we offered to get it – that means gift sorted from us and takes extra expense off her.


    Great idea sabbi…. coulter and Black could do that or Cookie monster. Just let them know you budget and see what they could do, maybe they could do a pitch andposts and a small ball on a square cake!!! Wouldnt be as expensive as a ball shaped one iykwim


    cakes by tess 089 4514989

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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