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    I twisted my knee at the weekend, it was only a slight twist on a cobbled street and it hurt only a little bit when I did it but now a few days afterwards, its throbbing.

    I tried to make appointment with doctor today or tomorrow but they are booked out so i am on a cancellation list and hopefully they will call me tomorrow if someone cancels.

    I am resting it now but if anyone has any tips on what to do to keep the pain at bay, would appreciate it.

    It feels better when I hold my hand on it so wondering if I should strap it up?


    how’s the knee this morning? Hopefully you’ll get an appointment soon silly that you’ve to wait so long.
    don’t want to give the wrong advice but i had def heard about the hot & cold compresses to take down swellen – hope you haven’t damaged ligaments or anything. My sister has somehow sprained her foot and has to rest it for 2 weeks – she’s off on holidays tomorrow and to say she’s not happy is an understatement!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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