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    hi laura
    earlier last yr i hurt my foot running up the stairs and continued to put strain on it. that was in may 2010 and in july i went to the doctor and he gave me an injection into the heel and told me i have plantar faciatius…the pain went for a few months but i have been crippled since..its not in my heel anymore but when im on my feet all day and go home and sit down for a bit im like an old woman when i get back up and i limp terribly…i need to do exercise but cant walk or run as its far too sore…i need to loose quiet a bit of weight…wat do you recommend i should do.

    thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you…


    hi chickpea,

    first of all i would go to the physio as oppose to the doctors tend to give tablets to hide the pain and physio’s try to get rid of the injury.

    if you need a good physio there is a brilliant one in Drogheda (pm me and i’ll pass on the details)

    i would then start with a gentle class like fitness pilates, which will help you regain muscle strength without putting any strain in the area.

    if you want to come tomorrow night tuesday at 8pm to try the class you are more than is in Mell studios


    Chartered Bodyright Physio are in Drogheda, they should be able to give you some advice, you can contact them at T: 041 9843950 M: 087 7986355

    Hope that helps, take care.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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