Sore ankle, can I still exercise somehow?

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    Hi Laura,

    I twisted my ankle and have to take it easy with walking and running or jumping around for a week or two but I would like to do some exercise at home so keep me active until I am ready to come to the aerobics & zumba classes

    do you have any suggestions?

    thanks so much


    hi Sabbi,

    make sure all the swelling is gone before you start doing any exercises, as otherwise you can make more damage than benefit.!

    once the ankle feels a bit better, but you are still left with that weak feeling, it’s time to do strengthening exercises to gain stability in the joint.

    start by doing squats keeping all the weight in your heels…if you start experiencing any pain, stop.

    AFter a few days try doing 1 leg squats, so they are a bit more weight bearing.

    This should help strengthen the area, but even once you are 100%, make sure you wear an ankle strap when you exercises, as that area will be prone to spraining for quite a while!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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