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    I am very careful about my teeth – maybe because I had to wear braces as a teenager and after that humiliation, I feel I need to take good care of them. I have used electric toothbrushes for a good few years now and while I really like them, sometimes I find they can be hard on my gums and can cause bleeding. I also floss regularly and this can be tricky with the string and positioning but I think its important to do.

    I came across a new toothbrush set a few weeks ago from Philips, called the Sonicare & HealthyWhite. Its an electric toothbrush and flosser and is quite unlike any toothbush I have ever used.

    The toothbrush is soft, vibration level is good on teeth but not too harsh on gums. The flosser is also electrical and uses water to clean in between gums. You just press a button on the flosser and it squirts a burst of water which goes right through the teeth, taking out anything caught in there. Its really excellent.

    A Sonicare Airfloss and HealthyWhite is usually €259.99 but will be on half price promotion in selected electrical stores for €129.99 during December. So this would make a lovely gift for someone. Especially someone who likes to take care of their teeth. :D

    [attachment=0:1i104als]Sonicare Toothbrush & Flosser.jpg[/attachment:1i104als]

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