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    we are in process at moment of organising a Family Health Day in Sonairte on sunday 12th Sept. we are gradually filling up with therapists,alternative health practioneers,psychics,& natural health information & also stalls selling similar themed items…

    if you are interested in possibly having a stand then please pm me…we are almost full for therapists but i can keep a reserve list. we are particulary interested in someone who does flower remedies,tai chi,and some stalls selling crystals,childrens items, anything connected with health really…

    its going to be a fun family day with
    Childrens Pottery class
    Fairies & Super Hero Magical Nature trail & picnic (children wear their favourite dress up costumes)

    Possibly tribal drumming workshop
    Meditation in woods
    lots of chances to try different therapies & ask questions with the
    talks throughout day on angels,therapies, nutrition etc

    Also several very well known psychics will be attending including Stefan de Gillian & Yvonne Costelloe…..

    i will keep you up to date with progress as it develops…

    this is a fundraising day to raise funds for the ecology centre to enable it to keep flourishing for many years to come…



    This is a great place and a good day out to support – count us in!


    Hi Moonflower,

    That sounds like a great day out – we’ll definately be there to support it. Hope you are keeping well!

    Mark Acu

    Hi Moonflower

    Am looking forward to being there on the day and having the opportunity to meet with clients old and new 😀 😀



    yes Mark, will be great for you if anyone is considering acupuncture but afraid at thought of needles they can have a chat with you on day so you can put mind at rest its not at all painful or invasive…



    just bumping this up…anyone reading today sunday 22nd..there is a Heritage Day & Craft market on today…entertainment for children as well…so if you get chance pop in today! 10.30 -4pm



    Just in case dont get another chance on here before just bumping this up as a reminder for Sunday…This Sunday 12th Sept!

    hope to see some mumstown members there 🙂


    Sounds like a great day. Count us in 😉


    was a lovely day today, the pottery looked like great fun…

    moonflower does that girl do kids classes locally do you know?

    had a reading done, interesting but like all you take what you want from your reading..

    my mother on the other hadn got a reading done too but not by the same person, and found it very emotional but comforting at the same time…

    was glad the weather stayed and the rain kept away, was great to see the array available…here’s to another fair


    Yes,was a lovely day & great to see so many families there!

    thanks to any mumstown members who supported this fundraising day.

    i think the pottery lady is based in Navan but i know on her cards it says childrens art & pottery i can ask her..maybe she would consider doing some more at Sonairte if there was enough interest as the children seemed to have great fun yesterday with all the mucky clay & trying the potters wheel!

    as for readings…i know they can be so hit & miss,depends on energy i think of both psychic & person on day..but glad yr mum found some comfort.

    talk of another fair in spring,something to look forward to!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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