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    I’ve just joined up and think its great to have a site specific to our area. Well done.

    I see Sonairte is listed as a good day out for the family and from personal experience, people should be aware that the playground on the site is extremely dangerous and unsuitable for most children. When it was originally built it was probably ok for older kids, but it hasn’t been maintained. The wood is splintered, nails stick out, ropes are wornout, nets torn, etc.

    Given the lack of play facilities in the general area, I thought it was a handy option but its not, so be advised.


    Great things could be done at Sonairte but it seems to be stuck in a time warp….needs new people to get involved to help it along but heard that new ideas are not always welcomed!!



    many thanks for your feedback. The playground is on our list of tasks for 2008. Will keep you posted …

    from Natasha at Sonairte


    thats great news!! 🙂


    Look forward to this ….. It has such potential ……it would be a shame to waste it


    it’s really sad to see such a wonderful place right on our doorstep not to have the financial backing it deserves and if more got involved then ideas could become reality, they people who work at sonairte work hard and are often let down they try their best to improve sonairte but their hands are always tied…..


    Glad to hear that there may be improvements in the pipeline…it is such a beautiful setting and we have spent many happy summer sundays in the playground and it is lovely for picnics. I think it is a great facility for kids as they dont get to experience the simple pleasures of life anymore….


    Just a question, can you bring dogs?
    Sounds like ds (who is 2.5) would love climbing through the trees etc…. Townely Hall is another nice walk/trail for kids to roam about


    Perhaps something could be done locally, a fund raising event, specifically to raise money to fix up the playground for all kids?

    Sonairte is so beautiful and so much could be done to make it more accessible to all!


    Great idea,would be lovely to have a more local playground & Sonairte would be perfect place….would bring more visitors in as well I am sure….

    perhaps we should contact them and see what we can come up with…..have a teddys bears picnic in mindas one fundraising idea??


    Good idea Moonflower and what about another sponsered toddle, like the one scole etc did forBarnardos? Maybe a boot sale in aid of Sonairte too? Or a home bake sale?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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