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    My 3 yr old son has suddenly totally regressed with toilet training, he has gone right back to soiling himself regularly and I notice that i am watching him like a hawk – like when training in the beginning. I think it has happened cos i went back to work around 6 weeks ago (2 days a week) and he has gone from 2 half days in creche to 2 full days – also he changed class around 3 weeks ago to the pre-school class and has a new teacher.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to figure out whats wrong and get him back on track…..I have asked him why and is he sad with the answers not making much sense.


    jn :(


    Notsure if this will help but sometimes small children will draw a picture of what is upsetting or bothering them. maybe you can sit down with him and try to get him to draw about what is bothering him, sounds like something has upset him which is making him regress.

    Is there someone in his new class he does not get on with? Does he have a new teacher? Have you asked the teacher if there have been any teething problems in his new class?

    If he can tell you what’s wrong or if the teacher can tell you, then you can start towards sorting it out.

    Poor little mite, hope he’s ok soon.


    My ds did this too, drove me around the bend…. wasnt anything upsetting him, just bone lazy!!!!
    I annoyed the heart out of him and made him stop playing every 20 mins and try for a wee, it soon stopped
    Good luck and try not go mad

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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