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    I planted a tree in my back garden to commemorate the life of the first baby I lost to miscarriage. I look at it every now and then and it reminds me of that little baby I never got to know. It’s comforting having it there.

    I’ve also had a second miscarriage and was thinking about planting another tree alongside it. I am looking for a special tree at the moment, the guys in Blacks are most helpful when I go in and I’m sure I’ll find the right one soon.

    Then today I came across a section of the Jewellery Tree Facebook page where the girl who makes the jewellery, Lisa, was asking for opinions on making pieces of jewellery in memory of babies who were lost to miscarriage or stillborn.

    I know this will not be to everyone’s liking but I thought it was a really sweet idea and I like the thought of having a necklace or bracelet made especially in memory of the two little babies I have lost.

    Here is the link to it if anyone else would like to check it out:!/alb … 0464132631

    I know its kind of sad but also, I don’t want to forget my babies and I think this could be a nice way to remember them.


    Sorry to hear of your losses Sabbi- I had a mc last month, and hope to do/get something to remember once I have the strength to. The jewelery is a beautiful idea,


    Sorry for you too Muso, its so awful to lose a baby. When I saw this jewellery idea I thought some other mums might like it too.

    Hope you are bearing up ok. If you ever want to talk or need a shoulder please PM me or if you want, you can share your story on here. You are not alone, so many of us have been through it.

    The Miscarriage Association of Ireland has a really helpful website at and they have a support helpline too, if you want to speak to someone in there. All the volunteers have personally been affected by miscarriage so they really do understand.

    Mind yourself. xx


    sabbi and muso, sorry to hear for the both of you…

    i think remembering the baby is a lovely idea, and the jewellery is so personal that it will be with you always so choosing something suitable i’d say will be hard….

    has anyone had any ideas? suppose the most common would be angel wings..or a symbol of an angel cradling a baby…


    hi girls

    sorry to hear of both your losses, this is something that is on my mind alot at the moment as it is only days till my daughters second birthday, she passed away when she was 3 weeks old and im always at a loss as how to mark her birthdays… i also planted a beautiful cherry blossom in my garden when she was born and i luv watchin it grow and blossom each year.. on her first birthday i got a beautiful chain from this site,

    i think their stuff is a lovely way to remember the babies, i also have a locket with her hair and then last year on her birthday i got a charm bracelet and i buy a charm each year, thankfully i have another beautiful wee girl now who i hope will have the bracelt when she is older…

    luv n hugs!


    Girls so sorry for your losses, I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago so I know what you are going through.

    I got a charm bracelet for Christmas and I was thinking of getting an angel charm for it to remind me of my beautiful baby.

    Just have to wait til I feel strong enough now


    So sorry to hear of your losses…

    I think it is a lovely idea to remember them and if it makes you feel closer and better for doing this, then it can only be good…



    I am so sorry to hear about your loss too. Missed you at the last Bagel Bar get together, now I know why, so sorry. xxx

    The Miscarriage Association of Ireland has asked me if we would like to have a support meeting in the Drogheda area for those of us who have been through miscarriage…there seem to be quite a few of us.

    If anyone is interested in coming to a meeting like this, to share your story and talk with others who have also been through heartache, please let me know.

    Scotsmum – you would be most welcome too, I know your situation is different but maybe you would like to come as well.

    If you think its a good idea (and of course dads are welcome too) please email me at and we can do something.

    Hope you are all keeping well, I’m having up and down days but trying to be positive as much as I can.



    I m doing ok, having good and bad days. Head is a bit all over the place. I think it would be a good idea to have a support meeting, it cant do any of us any harm and it would be good to talk to people who have been through the same experience.

    I m finding that some family members just dont want to talk about our baby and thats really hard for me. I understand that people dont know what to say but to hear them say " sorry for your loss" or " we are thinking of you" would be nice but the silence has been deafening from some quarters. ( Sorry, rant over now)

    My mam was saying that the Augustian Church do a mass to remember babies who died due to miscarriage and stillbirths not sure when it is but if I find out I ll let you all know. The website is very good too, it has plenty of information for those who have suffered miscarriage and for family and friends too.


    maria im shocked!!!! im so sorry i have been texting your over the last few weeks crying off our walks, im so sorry. I knew you were feeling low but just thought it was just a low point….. you should have said ((( hugs)))
    One of my sisters to this day never mentioned my loss.

    Sabbi i planted a tree that would flower in September, to mark the time of my loss, took ages to find the right tree. Very happy with at the time, now its a twig, for some strange reason the dog eats this tree ALL THE TIME…. its the only tree or shrub that she eats, was looking at it the other day and its starting to come on, but im sure if i let her into the garden she will eat it back to a twig etc….
    If you ever move you have the stress of leaving your tree or plant behind, i think the charm bracelet is a great idea


    Ah dis is de best idea.
    I lost my babs on de 13th dec 08.Il never 4get it but dont mark it. I usually just keep it to myself. My ds isnt great at showin his emotion even though it nearly killed him.Since den iv went on to hav 2 fab ds’s….

    De tree idea is great but i love de jewlary idea. Gona check out de link now….

    Its hard to talk about it cause people(my friends) get embarrased and dont no wat to say.

    I lost at 13 wks so didnt no de sex-wat should i refare to my baby as?????


    Dannysgirl my dh is the very same not good at emotion… but he didnt want to try for no 2 as he said he couldnt go through another loss!

    I didnt know what my baby was either, but i had a feeling it was a girl, dont like to call it and "it" (even though i just have 🙄 ) to me i refer my lost baby as a girl…. dont know why but just had a feeling i was having a girl


    I lost a baby in April tis yr and got a tattoo of a star 2 always rem.


    sorry to hear of so many of us that have gone through the loss of a baby
    its a very hard thing to go through for a family, all of my sisters, my mam and some relations have had miscarriages but no one ever wants to talk about it
    i was too upset for a long time after mine that i never did anything to remember my baby, lost babs at almost 12 weeks didn’t know if it was a boy/girl but gave them a name that would do both (joss), just so i could remembered them as a person
    hugs to all who are missing their babies


    Joey sorry to hear you had a mc, i never knew, hope your okay xxxx

    I found my sisters like that too…

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