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    We are finding that this tradition is becoming more and more sentimental.. what did your items mean to you??

    The rhyme dates back to the time of Queen Victoria and is often quoted "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe."

    Something old: Represents continuity with the bride’s family and the past, usually a ring or a piece of jewellery that has been passed down through the family from generation to generation.

    Something new: The wearing of something new shows the bride is looking to the future of her marriage. This could be the wedding dress or the lingerie worn under the dress.

    Something borrowed: a token borrowed from a happily married friend or relative in the hope that some of their happiness and good luck will be transferred to the new couple. A piece of jewellery is usually borrowed for the big day.

    Something blue: The colour blue is believed to come from the Virgin Mary, who is often portrayed in a blue robe, blue is a symbol of purity, most often the something blue is the garter thebride wears.

    A silver sixpence in her shoe: A Scottish tradition that actually started with the bridegroom putting a sixpence in his shoe to represent financial security and future wealth. The custom these days though is for the bride to have the sixpence in her shoe.

    Source: … ew_Origins


    My something old was a watch my Grandad bought my Grandmother over 50 years ago. She could not read the time on it, as its face is quite small, so soon after he gave it to her, she decided to put it away ‘somewhere safe’ and planned to give it to her 1st daughter (i.e. my mum) on her 21st birthday.

    My nanny forgot all about the watch and stumbled across it many years later, long after my mum turned 21. At that time I was a teenager and she kept it safe and gave it to me for my 21st instead, as I was the eldest granddaughter. I wore this watch on my wedding day with pride. Now that my Grandad has passed away, I wear it sometimes to remind me of him and I cherish it.

    My something new was my dress, blue was my garter and borrowed was a bracelet from my aunt. All had special meaning to me….

    I love this tradition, its nice to keep old traditions going like this one. 😀


    That’s a really special story and makes the tradition definitely something to continue!

    All our brides have simiular stories with one or more of the items, apparently garters are becoming less popular. I think their a funny part of the day!!

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