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    Do you know if that second dog was picked up on the Dublin road area? I stopped for a dog that looks like that, thought it was a stray, i was trying to sort ds2 out then have a look at the dog, but it looked to go into a neighbours garden, seen a dog that looks like that around same few houses more then once…. but had a stray look about it iykwim


    Stray male terrier x picked up in Drogheda today. Very frightened coming into the pound in Dundalk but settled down very quickly. If anybody knows who owns this lovely dog, please contact Louth Pound on 042 9382398. … 6181_n.jpg

    Stray male retriever picked up in Drogheda today and brought to Louth Pound. Apparently he’s a very friendly, placid chap but very anxious to get home. If you know anybody missing their retriever, please direct them to Louth pound on 042 9382398. … 7926_n.jpg


    two beautiful dogs… the terrier is lovely looking dog, someone has to be missing them
    Will they be put to sleep if not claimed after 5 days?


    Dundalk Dog rescue will do their best to get them out to foster etc , but if they cant or the dogs are claimed or rehomed after their 5 day stay , unfortunately yes they are pts.

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    That retriever looks like my next door neighbour’s dog (Harry) who has got out a few times! I’ll try and check with them but not sure if anyone home at present!


    Oh Almae that first guy in particular is adorable. I’d hate to see him put down. I’d have to consult with the hubby – who is away at the minute – but we MIGHT be able to look after him for a few days if ye were REALLY, REALLY stuck. I’m on maternity leave at present, but it is bad timing lttle doggy as the baby is due in two weeks……. and with the best will in the world I couldn’t manage a wee dog & a wee human at the same time….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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