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    Financial Companion

    Hi Folks, I’ve just posted some explanations of terms that are used all the time in people’s life and specified illness cover, in the "Ask the Expert" Financial Advisor section, to help people understand what they have themselves a bit better.

    Link to the Financial Advisor Section
    Feel free if you have any questions in this area :wink:



    Great thread in your Expert Section, the terms are very handy.

    Financial Companion

    Thanks Admin! Yeah, especially for most people where it could be years since their plans were explained to them (or not!) I’ve found lately that many people (understandably because it’s not something they deal with everyday) really don’t know what exactly they have in place and what the impact would be in certain circumstances.

    Less than an hour, just once per year, time well spent! 😉

    Financial Companion

    If anyone does dig out details of their cover and is unsure exactly what type of cover it is or what restrictions there might be, feel free to post a question in the "Ask the Expert" Financial Advisor section.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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