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    I’d been getting posts on facebook from Mindslim – Motivational Weight Loss courses, so I collated them all together. Some of them are particularly helpful. If you want more info on courses (I think another one starts this week) you can go to

    5 reasons you gain weight when you don’t want to:
    Reason 1: Lose weight fast:
    One of the quickest ways to GAIN weight fast is to lose it fast. Research proves that weight loss is both a physical & psychological issue. Losing physical weight fast does not allow you enough time to change your mindset/thoughts about food. You must change your mind to change your relationship with food for permanent weight loss

    5 reasons you gain weight when you don’t want to:
    Reason #2: Returning to your old way of eating once you have lost the weight:
    It comes down to simple maths, if you lose weight by eating 1200 calories per day you will once again weight if you start eating 2,000 calories per day. Even if you only ate one slice of bread a day (above your allowed calorie intake) you would gain 8lbs in a year!!!!!!

    5 reasons you gain weight when you don’t want to:
    Reason #3: Giving yourself excuses to eat when you shouldn’t be eating:
    A calorie is a calorie and your body processes calories the same way all the time. Your body doesn’t know it’s the weekend, your birthday, a special occasion etc. Remember there are 52 weekends in a year so if give yourself the excuse of straying off your eating plan this weekend how are you going to master eating correctly for the other 51 weekends/bank holidays/your birthday/easter/mid-term/summer holidays…..

    5 reasons you gain weight when you don’t want to:
    Reason #4: Not changing your eating and exercise patterns each year:
    Each year our metabolism decreases with age. That means that even if you continue to eat and exercise the same amount as last year it is likely that you will gain up to 2lbs. While 2lbs may not seem a lot it certainly adds up year on year. To prevent this 2lb weight gain you only need to eat 20 calories per day less than usual – for example a quarter slice of bread/half an apple less per day~now that’s easy to do!

    5 reasons you gain weight when you don’t want to:
    Reason #5: Eating the same way you THINK others are:
    Most people you know are watching their weight/what they eat in some way. So you are only getting a snapshot of their eating habits for example them eating a dessert when you are out for a meal. You may fool yourself that they eat that way all the time, It’s highly probable however that they are restricting their calories later to compensate. Either way, your body is only interested in the calories you consume, not those another person can get away with. So, start your healthy eating plan today, you’ll be so glad when the summer weather comes and you can dress with ease

    If you stray off your eating plan don’t let this small set-back shake you. Do not feel guilty, guilt is a negative emotion which can trigger more negative behaviour. Instead just ask yourself "what can I learn from this, and how I can I react better the next time I’m faced with this same situation".

    Remember your body processes calories exactly the same way on the weekend as midweek. There are 52 weekends a year, so for lasting weight loss you need to learn how to factor weekends into your eating plan. Start practising staying a little bit more in control this weekend. Think of how happy you will feel on Monday!

    Obstacles in your path are just signposts to show you that you are on the road to somewhere. Obstacles always appear the moment you set your goal. Welcome them as proof that you are working towards a goal

    As Henry Ford said "whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right!". Starting today start watching your internal thoughts and pay attention to what they are telling about your weight or whether you will achieve your goal or not. Ask yourself "Would I say this to a friendwho is losing weight" and if you wouldn’t say it to a friend then it’s not okay to say it to you. Remember your own internal dialogue is what you listen to 24/7, so every word counts!!

    When you are losing unwanted weight, you are eating less bites of food than in the past. If you slow down your eating and concentrate (be mindful) of every bite you eat you will get more enjoyment out of eating those bites. Try to have conversation at the table as your only distraction, rather than watching tv, reading the paper or being on the computer going on at the same time.

    Sometimes on the road to your weight loss goal you will hit a plateau. Instead of feeling frustrated and giving up think instead of this plateau as simply a landing on the stairway to your weight loss goal. And maintenance is a lifelong plateau, so a bit of "rehearsal" for maintenance is not quite so unhelpful after all.

    Losing weight takes lots of practice and dedication, but the more you practice it the easier it gets. Break your weight loss down into small chunks, remember if you make one small change in your eating habits a day, in 30 days you will have made 30 changes. Now that will definitely give you change on the weighing scales. Have a good day today.


    And today’s addition:

    Habits set in unnoticed – both the good and the bad!! What is the smallest change that you could make this week that would make a difference to your weight on the scales next Monday? Could it be to drink more water, or to say you will do one walk this week. Remember small goals = achievable goals, simply because they are realistic.

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