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    With the offer of buy 1 get 1 free, its a good deal so thought I would post it now so anyone interested can pick it up now. Great way to get ready for flip flops. :D


    I have very hard skin on my feet, especially around my heels and toes. Last year I went for a pedicure and honestly, it was not great. It cost me 40 euro and she did not get all the hard skin off. So my feet were softer, but definitely not hard skin free.

    I recently came across a new product called ‘Soft Feet’ from Skin Logic, an Irish company, which promises to remove all the hard skin from your feet – at home – with no hassle. It is from the same people who do Tan Organic, which I really like, so I was keen to try it. I was not convinced about how good it would be for a home treatment but decided to give it a go!

    I ordered it from … roduct=349 and it is BRILLIANT!!

    Whem you buy one, you get another one free, so it works out at 12.50 each. My husband and I both did it and both now have lovely soft feet!

    I have been raving about it and my mum just tried it and her heels were in an awful state and now, they are super soft.

    This is so easy to use, all you do it put the little special socks on your feet, sit for 1.5-2 hours and then take it off and rinse off your feet. Then, after 3-5 days all the hard skin falls off your feet and I mean, all the hard skin!

    My feet have never been so soft and it is cheap aschips and easy to do at home. Highly recommend!! 😀


    interesting my feet aren’t too bad but could still do with some TLC before the fit flops come out – might just invest in this!


    I picked up something similar at the till in penneys a few weeks ago for a few euro. Except u put ur feet in what are basically plastic boots, when i took my feet out I wasn’t impressed no difference, but this week all the hard skin is falling off, it takes a week or 2 to work but a huge improvement :)….


    Have not seen those ones in Penney’s – must keep an eye out for them. The skin logic ones are so good, takes about 3-5 days and your feet are super soft and hard skin free. You should have seen my mother’s feet, they were yellow and the skin was so hard – they did a great job on her.

    I suppose with the little bit of sun, we are starting to think Flip Flops!! 😀

    Ah sure, we’ve got to be optimistic and hope we are going to actually get some sun this year!!!


    wonder if i tried on my stomach — would it get rid of the fat haha 😀 😀

    I invest in my feet before sandal / flip flop season every week, i enjoy my pedicure – Heaven for my feet


    well i ordered them it’s atually nearer € 15 each when you include delivery. Will let you know how i get on! 😉


    well i certainly can’t complain about the service – placed my order on Monday – goods arrived this afternoon!
    hopefully will get to try them out tonight – looking forward to nice & soft feet………….. now if only we had the weather for the fit flops!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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