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    I have a general question about sofa bed.

    I’m looking for a sofa bed where the guests (in their 60’s) will sleep up to 10 days in a row.
    So it need to be comfortable.
    But it’s a SOFA for everyday life that’s I’m looking for first.

    I saw some sofa beds with sprung matress few inches. The kind fold into the sofa and you pull/roll out, and leave the sofa cushions aside. Not very comfortable, but will it be ok if I add a matress topper from Ikea?

    The sofa bed were it’s an extra bit you pull out, you sleep on the sofa itself with just an added part, are more comfortable to sleep but can’t get the kind of everyday sofa I want (I want a corner sofa bed, don’t want a suite or 2 separates sofa, no room for it). And at the moment because of lack of space we only had a small 2 seater sofa, and always end up sitting on a kitchen chair when more than 2 persons in the house, not very welcoming.

    We moved all the furniture around, switch rooms, had the tv satelite cables reinstalled for the room, now we can fit a corner sofa.
    Just have to find the right one

    What is your experience of sofa beds? Please share it with me.



    I was looking for a sofa bed, both good quality sofa and bed… its just for the playroom and when guest come
    I had a look up at the sofa company beside tkmaxx, there are cheaper on the market, but the quality of their stuff is amazing! Well worth having a look, also they make to measure in 10 days, so you pick the size, cushions, colours etc…. the reason i didnt buy mine as i have a few other bits i want to do first iykwim, but its on the list of things to get


    I went there, sofa is great quality, but wasn’t impressed by the bed itself.
    That’s why I was thinking adding a matress thingy (kind of memory foam) to add comfort.
    You really can feel the srpungs in the matress. But I never liked sprung matress anyway.

    Thanks for feedback.


    We have a sofa bed, which we use mostly as a couch and it is brilliant. You need to get a good sturdy one – ours is very good as a bed too, my mum sleeps on it and has no complaints!

    Hodgins furniture store are very good at giving advice on this sort of thing, they can make some suggestions if you get in touch with them.

    HTH 😀


    I did contact Hodgins furniture, yesterday, evne before posting on MT.
    Have to say got my answer early this morning.
    Their service is brilliant, but the don’t do CORNER sofa bed.
    So have to look elsewhere.
    Sabbi what kind of bed is in your sofa?
    Could you describe it, please so I’ll get a better idea.



    You can come over and have a look if you like? its about 6 years old now so not sure if you’d be able to get one but you are welcome to have a peek at it – might give you some ideas?


    Oh are you looking for a corner sofa bed? I was looking for one too…. feck where did i see them??? Arrrgggghhhh was it Argos or ikea?
    Will check and see if i have it saved somewhere, never got to see/feel it just online


    A word of warning about Sofa Beds – Not good for those with a bad back.

    I had one an expensive one – but anyone that sleep on it complained about thier back.. not much support there. esp for people over 50.. i recently sold mine

    Did up playroom / music room before Christmas – got a great 3 seater up in Furntiure Opions facing lidl

    There is an shop over in fair green having a closing down sale


    Did anyone tried a matress pad like
    is it any good? Does it help when matress not great?

    Thanks for info.


    Fabs, I’m in the same boat….. I’m also going down the sofabed route….

    In my DD’s room at the moment, we have a double bed….. in addition to hers…. but it is taking up so much room that the kids can’t play in there the way I’d like them too…. So, I’ve decided to keep the mattress, and then use the sofa bed as a "base" to use the mattress on iykwim? That means that our choices with sofa bed are a little limited, as if I were to buy a sofa "with arms", then the mattress is too big to fit into it. So, I’m off today to have a look at Ikea…. and to see if one of the sofa’s without arms would work… (typically the click clack style)…. that way when the in-laws come over from SA mid-year, we’ll put the mattress on top of it…. and it should effectively be like a proper bed. I’ve slept on enough of the sofabeds in my time, and as far as I’m concerned, they are all damn uncomfortable. (I’ve also got one in my lounge… which is supposedly a "good one"…. fine for a night, but 10 nights, I’d be crippled, never mind my in-laws….
    So, I’m hoping this is going to work for us…..


    I know, I don’t think a really good sofa bed exist.
    Mind you, we tried the corner sofa bed from Ikea, the bed is good, but it’s the backrest of the sofa who’s not great.

    Where will you keep the matress when not in use?
    It’s a good idea, but we lack space here.



    Sounds crazy…. but it is a firm mattress…. which we will use on our bed…. under the one we have….it will just raise the height of our bed a little…
    so DH and I will besleeping on "grandma’s feather bed"…. ie…. higher than normal, but will do the job nicely…..


    Instead of a sofa bed, perhaps a hideaway bed would be the solution to your problem.
    We have put some information up on our facebook page if you would like to have a look 🙂


    A bit old fashioned but what about those better quality air beds that are more raised off the ground. Have to say when I slept on one it was very comfortable as you can adjust the softness/firmness but simply putting in more/less air. Can hide away easily.


    Well, I went to IKEA today, and I am absolutely delighted with the sofa that I bought…. will do the job nicely, and the mattress is decent too… 🙂

    I was looking at the hideaway bed option originally, as I think they are a brilliant idea, and I’m sure you guys have got great prices Hodgins…. 😉 The issue I had in my case was that there has always been another "bed" in DD’s room, and I wanted to get away from that entirely…. so that hers is the only bed…. and the sofa works a treat…

    Must take a trip out to you though to go lounge suite hunting though… 😉

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