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    do you ever get sooo tired you could cry???

    I have had one of those weeks that no matter what I do, I am ticking someone off. My intentions are good but I seem to be going wrong somewhere along the way no matter what I do.

    add to that a very cranky baby who has not slept properly in the past few weeks and it makes for an exhausted, frustrated, worn out mammy.

    I think the sleep deprivation is making everything seem worse than it is so am going to try and get a nap in today before the waterworks kick off…. 🙁


    Family stuff is the worst. Just keep telling yourself that you are the goodie, thats what i have to keep telling myself. From trying to help family, i have got into trouble myself, im still an outcast with certain people but at the end of the day i was only trying to help, i didnt do the bad things & no matter how someone twists it, i know what i did was the right thing to do & dont regret what i said beacuse i told the truth even if others didnt believe me or just didnt want to believe me. Sometimes you doubt yourself but all you can do is your best but with loved ones involved it is so much more upsetting. I just hope that one day they realise that i was trying to help them.


    Ah, poor you. You probably just need a good nights sleep. Life can be weary sometimes.

    I know how you feel, having one of those weeks myself. I could cry at anything. Nothing has gone right. I had high hopes for this week, had a few important things happening but none of them have gone to plan at all.

    I keep reading Positive inspirational quotes facebook page & sharing them on my facebook because if i updated my page with how im really feeling about this week, someone would send the men in the little white coats.

    Anyway, my plan to cheer myself up is to keep the head down, bath & early to bed.

    Sabbi, if your intenions were good, thats all that matters & those youve upset will know that when they have calmed down. Give yourself a break.


    Thats the most disappointing thing. Anyone who knows me, should know my intentions are nearly always good (have to say nearly cos lets face it, no one is good all the time) but I genuinely try to be a good person and treat others the way I would like to be treated but despite my best efforts, its all gone wrong.

    The annoying thing is, I don’t know what I could have done differently. I try to learn how to react differently when things go wrong but I am at a loss on this one.

    I definitely think tiredness has a lot to do with it. I was late to work Tuesday morning and had to leave early with a very upset baba and that is stressful for me. On top of that she is being very contrary all week, she only wants to be in my arms which is fine during the day but at nighttime, even when I take her into our bed ( which I really do not like doing) she is still not settled.

    I usually turn to comfort food at a time like this and I am off chocolate for lent and I don’t know how I am staying away from it…

    Have some family stuff going on too. someone I love dearly asked me for help, I am trying to help them and no matter what I say or do, it seems to be the wrong thing. I am shutting my yap now and saying nothing for a few days.

    Feeling pretty useless today…maybe if I have a good nap and a good sleep tonight things will look brighter tomorrow.

    sorry for moaning, just one of those weeks. 🙁


    Oh, poor you!

    There is a reason that sleep deprivation is used as a method of torture! It is very, very hard when our little ones are not sleeping too well. Then they catch up on their sleep and get up bright as a button but we are knackered.

    I hope you caught up on your sleep and baba is feeling better.


    ah sabbi you’re not on your own & i’m sure your intentions towards others were good. Things will always look worse with sleep devrivation.
    Our dd2 was a terrible sleeper i posted on here looking for help to get her to sleep as i tried everything and was like a zoombie and would cry at the drop of a hat. Hope Babs settles soon and you get a decent sleep – if at all possible do try to nap when she naps until she settles at night 😉


    you have been unwell yourself and now babs not sleeping.

    Look you said what you said, you know it was said with good intentions, if this person is so small minded that they cant see you didnt mean to offended and that you are a good person, there isnt much you can do about how what you said made them feel.
    What you said is out there now, even if said with good intentions and you cant take it back, but what you can do is stop beating yourself up over it!!! Just brush yourself off and get on with living and looking after your hubby and your kids, let this person stew for a bit. If they want to forgive or understand what you said, well all is good, if they dont well just move on and look at all the positive things your say to people out there and the amazing support you give to others.
    Try get some rest, all will feel better after a bit of sleep…


    Sabbi feck them seriously not worth the worry or the tears
    I learned that it doesn’t matter how
    Much you are nice or helpful someone always wants to belittle you or quite frankly excuse the language shit on you
    So blow it out think pink bubbles and start again postive thinking
    And some sleep and chill time gives the head time too
    Regards the person leave them and when they are ready they will realise and hopefully come back and be nice and apologise if not leave them
    It’s hard though depending on what type of friend they are etc or even related
    BUT we all lOve you and know what light u have inside genuine light xx


    thanks girlies….our little munchkin slept great last night and all looks much better this morning. 🙂

    sorted out the family thing and its going to be ok. As for the other stuff,these things happen and usually blow over so not going to worry about that anymore.

    I am the eldest sibling in our brood and I guess I take on more than I probably should sometimes; I find it hard to say no when asked for help, even if it does come back and bite me in the arse sometimes!! Between that and being a bit of a perfectionist can mean I do put too much pressure on myself but life is too short so going to hop baby into buggy now and head off for a walk with her – might even treat myself to a scone as a reward for staying completely away from chocolate this week, don’t know where I got the willpower!

    Amazing what a good night sleep can do!


    Glad you got some sleep & things are looking brighter today. Sleep can make all the difference.

    Why do us eldest siblings take on so much responsibility? its weird that we feel we have to solve everyones problems. Why dont other siblings not feel like that? its strange. I asked my sister (the baby) this recently & she said its because "I’m soft" – lol

    Trust my sister to tell it to me straight – lol


    hey sabbi!!

    i was just on the ozzie version of mumstown and i thought of u and your girls!! hope the sleep situation gets better… our dd has been a bit unsettled since we got here and ends up in our bed each night!!!

    hope all is well with you, i see the new arrival hasnt slowed you down anyway!!! ill miss meeting all the kids out playing this spring.. im sure k will miss it too!!

    take care

    L xxx


    😆 i’m the oldest sibling too and oh i do all those things too and MaryE my sisters would say i’m soft too!!!!!!!! cheek of them 😉

    Sabbi fair play for steering clear of the chocolate Enjoy that scone Well Deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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