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    my dd is 2 & will be 3 in october and have recently been thinking of playschools for her for sept. i know its v early but with her hearing loss i thought it’d be a good idea to make a start early, meet some teachers & get her name down.
    i went to my ds’s old playsch which is in a house near us & when i said it to her abt dd she was all "oh i don’t know", "i don’t have special needs facilities", "i’d be worried" "i’m not qualified" etc etc etc. she knows i have a hearing loss myself as she saw me on a daily basis when my ds was going to her & i told her that my dd has a cochlear implant & that she doesn’t require special needs, & that she just needs to be treated the same as any other child…. i can understand her reservations, but i was so shocked & upset by her whole manner & attitude towards the possibility of taking a deaf child on.
    i even suggested that she try her for a day before the summer and get some idea. i also told her dd’s visiting teacher would meet her once a week & discuss it with her. i also told her that the visiting teacher would be more than happy to put her worries to rest but basically i felt i was losing the battle…. she said ok to the phone call but it was written all over her face. she just didn’t want to take her on…
    i burst into tears as soon as i got to the car… its not dd’s fault she’s deaf but she is entitled to a normal life. i overcame so many barriers growing up it was so difficult for me sometimes but i’m 31 yrs of age & if i can go to an average playschool & go to an average school, wearing just normal hearing aids then my dd is well able for it with her cochlear implant.
    would anyone have any recommendations of any playschools in the bettystown area or surroundings?
    all suggestions welcome…




    That is appalling. I have worked with parents and children for over 10years and I can honestly say that no service I was ever involved with would have behaved that way. The issue here is with this person, not your daughter! Sadly some people are fearful of things they do not fully understand. If you are willing to be flexible and work with a preschool there is no reason that your daughter cannot attend a mainstream service. All I can say is stick with it and ask around to get advice from other parents..I certainly would hope that my children would attend a preschool that is inclusive and teaches everyone to respect and appreciate difference…this is NOT your issue, it is her’s!!


    Hi have you rang Aspirations, they are in Mornington. Bright horizons in Grange Rath is excellent also. Best of luck and dont worry about people who are just not educated enough and are embarrassed that they might fail with your child. Your right your child has every right to the same education as every other child.


    try hopscotch in castlemartin, it’s great…have sent pm….


    Hi MissyG,

    Sorry you had to go through that upset – it was totally unecessary.

    Here are some suggestions for Sophie…

    We used to send our son and daughter to The Willows in Mornington, they are great. We alos sent our son to the Beeches in Donacarney which is brill. If you are checking these out try to get her into Sinead’s class – she is totally brilliant with the kids.

    Now we send our little girl to a Naionra in Bettystown called Cead Ceimheanna (first steps), an Irish playschool, which is fab, the contact person is Joanne but she’s away until next week so I’ll PM you contact details.

    Don’t get too upset by that woman’s attitude, its her problemn not yours. I’ve met your little angel and there is no problem whatsoever with her communication skills!! She is well able to let you know what she wants and needs!!

    Chin up – don’t let it get to you. Better to find someone who will treat Sophie the way she deserves to be treated – like a normal little girl.

    Siobhan. x


    thanks girls, for your suggestions – i will get dh to ring around them all & arrange an appointment to visit them with dd & perhaps something will work out. as i’m not working, its important i get a playschool at a reasonable cost. i really don’t want dd to go to a playschool with that kind of attitude so i’m not going to send her there. i’ll find a better playschool & the best she deserves.
    its sad the way some people are, very ignorant & stupid. unfortunately this is commonplace & its one thing i would like to see change… this is going on years & its not right.
    i would love to keep her at home till its time for school, but i thought it was a good start for learning social skills & interacting with other kids. then next year she could go to montessori which will prepare her for school the following year.
    that’s my plan anyway…. will keep u updated!
    thanks a million for your comments, its cheered me up somewhat!



    That is disgreaceful the way you have been treated in this day and age.. Can you not report her to some place ?? IPPA-

    Every child has the right to education….

    Have you tried DaisyChain?

    super minder

    in this day and age thats not right. i live in drogheda and have a small playgroup and afterschool have been doing it for years. wish i was nearer to help would be no problem . all kids have rights. i work with adah kids and there hard work but lovable .

    im hopping to start a sat morning club 10 till 1 from first sat in feb. 15 euro per child for the day. if you would like a break . pop in.

    meadow view drogheda down by old lemon grass and staffords shop.


    dh is going mad – he’s absolutely furious! he wants to report her, but i’ve asked him to wait because she said she wanted to think about it, so i will give her a chance. however, i have a feeling she’s basically going to say the same thing, that she’s uncomfortable about it or perhaps think its going to be extra work for her but its not really…!
    its so frustrating when people have the totally wrong idea – they assume that because people have a hearing loss, automatically they’re stupid or they can’t be on par with people that can hear.
    i’m just thankful not ALL people are like that but i think there should be more awareness not just for the deaf but disability awareness in general…
    anyhow, i will plough on & i’m sure it’ll all work out for the best.
    the sat morn club sounds like a great idea – my dh works in retail & never gets wkends off – only during the wk & sometimes he works 6 days, so it would be great to know that there’s somewhere my dd could go that she’d have fun while i do my bits & pieces! will definitely keep that in mind…
    thanks 🙂


    Hi MissyG,

    I was in the same boat just 2wks ago! DS has ADD & ADHD….. He has been at his playschool over a yr, and she knew taking him on that he had special needs. After the xmas break she told me he was been uncontrollable and she couldn’t cope….. She also said lots of other stuff as well. I left that place in a mess, i didn’t even make it to the car, i just started crying and didn’t stop 4 like an hr!! DS is very hard work i know that and so did she…… But he is so lovable and loves other ppls company, he truly is a pet. So i went home and thought about wot she said spoke to the hubby who went mad, want to call over, but i stopped him!!!! Anyway i went back in the following day and said to her if he is been that much of a monster i will take him out, thinking her answer would b no way….. It was we’ll c, so i said gud luck u wont take that decision away from me i took hom out that day! He is at home with me till a friend of mine opens up her own which should b in the nxt few wks. MissyG ppl r rude and have NO idea they r been rude, i have learned over the pass 4yrs to pity ppl like that……. At the end of the day they r missing out on these very special kids!

    Best of luck with ur playschool, which ever one u go 4!


    i can not believe this. Hugs to you honey. I would definitely find out who’s in charge and have a talk with them because no one deserves to be put off like this!!


    This is awful…that woman should be reported the Health Board or whomever her business is registered with. I would also speak with the Equality Authority on this because at the end of the day, it is discrimination. I hope that you find a place in a better establishment she deserves better than the like of that attitude…good luck.


    let us know how you’re getting on choosing where to send your dd….

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi girsl,, was just going to say my sisin law has this problem hasd this problem a couple of wk’s ago but she’s made a post already.Nice one JR.
    As horrible as it is there are just ppl in childcare who really could not be bothered with children who bringa little extra work, and lets b honest here, special needs or not all children are work and anyone witha kids or working in Childcare will tell you that,.I feel in missyg’s case and my sis in law’a case its down right lazeiness on the childcare provider’s part!!!! i mean seriously, you said yourself missyg that you went to a "nomal" playschool and your 31. in this day and age everyone preparing to go into or in that line of work should be more than aquipped and capalbe.I think their just chancing their arm’s in the hope that they can take on extra staff and have some else pay for it as in an SNA. If thats the attitude they have then thet are simply in the wrong business!! Playschool=kids(regardless of their needs)Rant over!!


    well, i finally got a text today from the playschool teacher in question, saying "unfortunately i don’t feel confident i would be able to give your dd the attention and care she would need in playschool"… so it was pretty much no.
    dd’s visiting teacher was going to phone her tonight to have a chat with her. she didn’t even wait for that phone call & just texted me saying no.
    dd’s name is now down in 2 playschools in the area, & just to prove a point i will be checking a few more out to see what happens & to find which one is in fact the best one for her.
    dh has told me to then text her & tell her of all the playschools that have accepted dd & that she (if it comes to that) is the only one that has refused our dd.
    i’m now on a mission to create more awareness & am strongly thinking of contacting the equality/disability authority on the matter…..!

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