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    So, here we are back at high levels of restrictions again and I am trying not to worry, but some days I manage that better than others. Today I just felt like crying about it all. My children had been in close contact with a positive case 2 weeks ago and have all been kept home from school since to make sure they didn’t get it. They were all tested and came back clear thank goodness but tomorrow they go back to school and I will be worried sick about them all over again.

    Its so hard for them, our 13yr old wanted to go out with her friends this Saturday but we cannot let her now with the level 3 restrictions. I kinda think that we should have went to level 3 about 2 weeks ago tbh, its just getting worse and worse.

    And I know some people legitimately cannot wear face coverings or face masks for health reasons but I saw so many people without them yesterday when I was at the shops that it terrified me. These were young people, in their 20’s and teens and they didn’t even have a mask half on half off, they had no mask on at all. I counted 12 people in the space of 5 minutes with no masks. of course, some of these people could have legitimate reasons for not wearing o a mask but is it likely that 12 people, all fairly young, walking along, chatting with friends, have real reasons for not wearing them?

    And why are people protesting against masks anyway? I don’t get it? I hate wearing a mask, its uncomfortable but I do it to protect my family, myself and everyone I come across. I am so worried about the amount of people not bothering with them now – it seems that alot of people are protesting and refusing to wear them and with cases rising so much, this cannot be good.

    I feel unable to fully protect my children in the current environment and it terrifies me. They tell me that some students take their masks off on the school bus and in the school toilets – but what can we do about that? My own children are really afraid to get the virus – they know it would be bad for us, my husband and youngest are asthmatic, my dad is diabetic, my sister is pregnant, my MIL is recovering from a lung condition and cancer…..its overwhelming some days.

    I’ll get out for a long walk tomorrow and hopefully, will feel a bit better then. But right now, I am feeling anxious and cannot sleep and sometimes, writing down how we feel can help…

    I’m off to try and sleep now….again!

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