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    What are your kids asking for this year from Santa? Or have they started to ask yet?

    My two have discovered the Smyths and the Argos catalogues and are now weighing up their options as to what to ask for….

    We have a "you can give Santa a list of 5 things…. and he will choose what to give you from that list"….. rule… (though Santa does tend to get all 5…. much to the delight of the little folk!)…. this way, we can manage expectation, and budget!

    So, herself wants a REAL pram this year…. and much to the elves delight, the one she has her heart set on is E 36 in Smyths…. Happy Days….. :wink:
    And other than a new game for her leapster explorer, and some really girly girly dolls / fairy items, we are all sorted.

    Himself is going through a Marvel phase…. so Captain America and the like are on the horizon, with perhaps a skateboard and also new explorer / wii game….

    So, so far, so good!

    What is everyone else up to? Or what are the must haves for Christmas this year?


    Yes indeed…..the countdown is on!!

    This year we are doing KK’s in our family, because there are so many of us now with spouses and partners!! We are putting everyone’s name in a hat and we all pull out one and buy a gift for about 40 quid for that person.

    For the kiddies, we are in negotiations! Our 7 year old (quirky little soul that she is) wants a Go-Kart that seats 3. She is so sweet, she wants to be able to put her 2 little sisters on the back of it. Not sure this is even possible (or something we want to encourage) so we may just get her a normal go kart.

    The 9 year old wants roller skates – perfect, not expensive or hard to get.

    The 5 year old hasn’t a clue yet and the 1 year old is mad about dogs so think we will get her a fur-real pet. She does not have a clue about Christmas obviously but with her brothers & sisters all getting stuff, we will just need to have something for her too.

    Me and the hubby usually get each other quirky little gifts but this year think we might aim for a night out. Getting a night away together is such a treat so might work on that. 🙂


    Sabbi have a look at a berg go kart, you can get a trailer that seats two on the back.

    You guys are asking for an Xbox… its a share item. Ds1 said he doesnt want anything else and Ds2 is changing from day to day, his birthday is in 2 weeks so i will let him get that over with first. I have everything else sorted for xmas, i just need to nail down the list then make a move and tell Santa.

    Dh is the most expensive, he has picked out a new bike, even with the work bike scheme its still hundreds of euro! As always he is worse then the bloody kids! He did want an ipad, but then he picked his bike….. im betting that im getting an ipad for christmas! 🙄 😈


    lol chewie my dd age 3yr wants a pram too and it’s 36euro in smyths – it’s lovely actually i’m dying to see her face on xmas morning, she also asked for Chocolate lollpop maker
    DD1 – wants Mario for the wii and skates

    my sister is taking the girls on sat so i’m off to smyths to get the last few bits & pieces (well apart form stocking fillers)

    i have a problem though – dd1 found some bits last night – i’m so fit to kill dh at the minute – he put the bag for the attic behind a chair in spare bedroom on monday night, but there was a tear in the bag 🙄 and dd1 found it – i spoke to her this am and hopefully got out of her what she saw – she said she saw lollpop maker (told her i bought that for her to give dd2), a game of scrabble(told her that was for her cousin in england) and snow globe kit(i told her that was for my friends dd) i’m totally raging 😈 but i’m hoping i’ve sorted it – means now i’ll have to guide the little one to something other than lollypop maker, will have to find a new game for them and will have to find something to replace the snowglobes which where for dd1 from my mam. I swear i’m trying very hard not to get upset at dh – i know he was busy yesterday and forgot to move the bag to attic and i know we’ll porbably laugh bout it in a few yrs but at the minute i’m not a happy camper. I’m also afraid that she saw more than she said if you know what i mean – do i take a chance or change things??? needles to say the bags in the attic now 🙄


    Oh Munchin…. that’s always the way isn’t it? I’d like to say that she will probably forget all about it…. but chances are, she won’t. My two have memories like elephants, and things that I think they’ve forgotten…. they mentioned to me months later.

    BUT, you can always keep them for Christmas, and say something along the lines of …. "oh Wow…. how lucky are you? Santa must have thought that you’d also like x or y….. so he chose them for you too…." She is young enough that you’d get away with it, I”m sure….

    I had a laugh…. the chocolate lollipop maker? Yep, herself wants that too…. and the icecream maker…. 😆
    The other thing she has been on about is the Orbeez spa thing that she has seen on the telly. But, I’ve looked at some reviews on Amazon… and it has been slated by other parents. So, I’m hoping to kindof "guide her" away from it!

    Oh the joys!


    oh chewie i’ve calmed down alot from this morning mind you if my sister tells me one more time "oh ours have never been found" i’m gonna kill her instead of my hubby 😆 😆 :lol:
    There were 6 things in the bag – she says she only saw 3
    The lolypop maker she can give dd2 for xmas, just have to guide dd2 to something else from the big man
    Scrabble i can give to my friends little one i was stuck for an idea but she’ll love that
    The Snow globe kit – my mam is going to give it dd1 for b’day
    The other 3 things – 1 my mam is going to give to dd1 for her xmas, the other is only a stocking filler and dd2 to going to give it to dd1 for her b’day
    which leaves the only problem being DD1’s skates – i’mgonna give them to her at xmas and if she comments on them being in "that bag" i’ll be using chewie advice and saying i bought the ones in the bag for my friend for her little girl but santa knew how much she herself would love them
    so fingers toes and everything crossed we’ll get away with it 🙄 🙄

    i swear this morning i could’ve cried BUT i spoofed it this morning talking to dd1 and told her i was getting some early shopping in for me and some friends 😉 mine too would have memories like elephant s- unless of course it’s something i want them to remember!

    Anyway – whats the Orbeez spa – haven’t seen that one myself


    oh and Thanks Chewie 😉


    Anytime hun! 😉 I’m sure it will be fine… and you’ll get away with it! 😉!123446-prd.aspx

    Damn advertising….. TV has my head wrecked with all the ads on! 😆


    oh no i’d be "guiding" her away from that too – i did actually see an ad for that and dd1 did mention it and laughed and said sure what would you want that for – you can use mine 😆 😆 😆 if i do a foot spa i usually let them have a little go if they’re up 😉


    I was in Smyths last week, i went to Scotch Hall today and i have to say the lads in Both HMV and GameStop are amazing, the guy in HMV even rang head office to enquire about a bundle for the xbox…. the prices in hmv are brilliant. Smyths not far behind but the staff are so snooty!

    Mine want the Xbox and not much else, i will pick up pj’s and wonka bars, books and a few bits from the 2 euro shop, they always go down a treat. Im really stopping myself from buying, less is more iykwim.
    I looked last year and it was just too much and it wasnt that much… this year 1 big santa toy ( which is a share toy this year being the xbox) more lego for both, some new guns and power rangers for ds2, i will have to buy extra games so that all adds up.
    Does anyone know the best place to buy 3D Blue rays? The prices are shocking


    Oh God, you lot scare me.

    i havent bought a thing yet.

    Is ther enot a rule that you have to get Halloween over first?


    I am so flippin’ thrilled with myself!!!! Went up to Tesco to get some shopping done…. and I picked up an inline scooter for my DD…. for E 7!!!!
    Yeah baby…. 😉


    Oh and Munchin….. I had a chat with DD about the Orbeez yesterday, and told her that the balls go all squishy and sticky between her toes…. and she isn’t into that! 😆 😆 😆

    She now reckons perhaps she should think about something else for Santa! 😯 😆

    And I’m in Luurvvveee….. have you seen the new Furby’s ??? Back to Gremlins from the 80’s. I think they are absolutely brilliant….


    lol mary e- i hate seeing anything christmasy in the shops before halloween like cards, decorations etc BUT Santa has to be prepared haha – my little one asked for a santa story going to bed last night 😆 😆 now the big things are decided on they will be little or no talk of it until after halloween – then’ll we do the santa letters and off up the chimney they’ll go 😉 and once the letter is gone they can’t change their minds!

    that’s great bargain chewie, fair play on knocking the oobzee spa thing on the head – i spoke to the 3.5yr old and told her to ask santa for a pram and surprise and she’s delighted with herself – so i’m off to smyths on Sat to see if i can find a "surprise" 😆
    love the fruby lol but my eldest is only 6 next month and little one is 3.5 – will wait a yr or two me thinks

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